Which one is a better game atm: Battleborn vs Overwatch?

I have been playing Battleborn but not much lately. I started playing this game but there were few things which actually disappointed me. I’m not sure whether it will be right to compare the two games but when it comes to FPS MOBA titles, Battleborn and Overwatch does make the top of the list.

I was just looking up for what could be the major different between these two games and I came across this interesting read: Battleborn vs Overwatch.

I’m sure that both games are good in their own way but I have been noticing few things myself about the game in general. Such as I don’t get to wait in logn queues for Overwatch. I don’t get disconnected in the middle of the game. Plus, no bugs so far. I believe, Battleborn still needs some time to fix some issues which are hurting the game severely.

Unless for the fact overwatch isn’t a moba and looks just like an overpriced TF2 with OP abilities…
Not interesting to me, i’ll just go back to the original TF2 one day :smiley:

Oh boy. Impending argument in 3…2…1…

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There are already multiple threads on this topic

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