Which one is bugged; Blue or Purple TORGUE Protuberance?

The damage difference is colossal, though they seem to fire the same way. They shoot one arcing grenade that explodes on impact, then splits into smaller grenades that also explode on impact.

It’s been this way since I can remember, still doesn’t seem right, but Moze isn’t complaining lol

Alrighty, I looked at gun parts…yikes.

The mag gives an insane damage bonus. (And for some reason it visually disappears from the model when highlighted.) Along with the other damage bonuses/reductions from gun parts, it has +625% DMG.

There’s also a “+35% Projectiles Per Shot” bonus from a different part, and a “Projectiles Per Shot: +1” bonus, if that does anything.

The Purple version…does not have these bonuses lol

I also want to add that the Purple is useless in M10, while the Blue hangs in there, so the Purple definitely needs a boost, not to bring down the Blue.

Is there a gun part difference at play?

Is it actually that much better in practice, or is it a problem with the card?

Does it only happen with the Mayhem versions?

I’ll check parts in the morning, but against the Dummy in Sanctuary the damage difference is huge.

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if I remember well, some protuberance come with a part with a colossal damage bonus 300% or something. You can see it in gun part. That used to be a thing to hunt for them before Lob avenement


it is certain magazine size modifier that gives it proper damage not the rarity


Take a look at the Dot damages. The balance may be the reason.


Protuberance were still good, even after lob was released. At least for aoe cases. Unfortunately, mayhem 2.0 left them behind (like most purples really) and I can barely kill a badass with perfect gear and setup with protuberance on zane, if I exclude overkill damage.

I believe it’s the “shredded” prefix that you are looking for. You can inspect the weapon and see if the large damage is due to grip, barrel, etc.

Man, this sounds familiar… like there’s a single part that’s doing this, I think.

I miss the old times were Protuberance was god tier and rarer than legendaries.

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Does this particular phenomenon exist with all alien barrel shotguns? Because I have noticed that this seems to be an issue with the Hyperion Host as well - I seem to see some that have high damage like the blue Protuberance that the OP posted a screenshot of above, and then some that have very low damage like the purple one also shown above.

Is it truly down to a weapon parts issue?

I think it is the same but the damage bonus on the part is much less. I don t think it is the same for the Tediore

Now I have nostalgia of the mysterious realm of alien weapons. The blue only Carbuncle mystery was the first riddle this game posed me :rofl:

Wanna say it’s the magazine that provides the big dmg boost, like 500-600%.


Thanks for the tips peeps, updated the first post.

just to be clear, it is completely random for this type of gun to get the damage boosting part, you can as well find a blue or purple one with or without it. It s like a sub rarity of sort.

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@olivier_shady I would say this is kind of like the Carnage, Swordsplosion, and some other weapons (I am sure there are a bunch more that I am forgetting) in BL2 where the weapon really isn’t even desirable unless it has very specific parts. Increasing the damage by 4-5x based upon one specific part seems to be kind of a weird game design choice.

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:rofl: here I am tempted to badmouth GB
let just say the Carbuncle is even weirder but is it a “choice” I wonder

@olivier_shady I was trying to be “diplomatic” with the way I said it. :wink: I am weary of all the negativity on the forums.

And yes, I am aware of the issues with alien barrel pistols in general, including the Carbuncle. LOL

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