Which OP Level should we do a Playthrough on?

My friend and I are planning on unlocking some OP levels (we’re level 72.) He’s Gaige and I’m Krieg and…yeah. Right now I’ve been doing most of the farming, getting us as much level 72 gear as we can to help us get ready.

We manage to unlock OP3, we were planning on doing the Playthrough over on OP4 but is that a good level to play the story again on? I kinda think we’re mind set on doing it anyway but I’m just asking is all.

Right now we’re trying to unlock OP4 but Scorch is giving us trouble, so I’m currently doing the OP3 gear farming to help us.

My opinion would be to try to unlock OP8, after which you can play on any OP level you want for a play thru- indeed, if you unlock OP8 you can do the game on OP0 and just specific quest at OP8 to make sure you get the reward at that level. Also, try luring Scorch back to the gate that separated the first area from his. That way you can block him from reaching your friend while he lays into him with a Bee backed weapon of choice…

^ This guy, this guy right here!