Which pet you guys going with?

I’m going spiderant.


All of them.

Gotta Pet 'Em All.


Will depend on my build but I’m favoring the Spiderant as a default pet. Of all the gameplay I’ve watched I’ve never seen one go down, I’ve seen the Skag go down quite a bit. The Singularity Skag does sound interesting tho

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I’m thinking the Jabber as main pet mostly, but I feel like every session I’m gonna have to take Mr. Chew out for pets and walkies at least once.


Jabber, cause they can have an smg and a rocket launcher.


Initially was going for the Horned Skag, but after watching a small amount of gameplay the Jabber just looks better for the build I plan on using. The range they have just looks like it’ll be so beneficial.


I think I’m leaning towards a variety of gunmonkey. But I’ll also ultimately have a few bugs available in my initial build, and if I have them I will at least try them.


All of them :grin:.

But here is my take so far:

  1. Spiderant- If the Spiderant’s charge is the same as it works in BL1 and 2, knocking back a single enemy, then I can really only imagine this being essential in a support build, or to plug in some survivability in a gunslinger build. That isn’t to say this is bad. Maya had skills that gave 3% health per second, so a passive that gives 1% at all times is incredibly good, especially since the augments give elemental damage resistance or straight up damage reduction as well.
    It also looks like elemental effects have more CC potential in BL3 (fire seems to cause a state of panic similar to warframe, and cryo slows and may still freeze) so the fire and corrosive augments may prove valuable for AOE CC. Still, the other 2 pets seemingly offer more Hard CC and utility.

Again, it will be good, but more as a support pet in my estimation so far based on what we have.

  1. Skag- The passive 10% bonus damage will probably make this a staple depending on whether it is multiplicative or additive. The draw here is CC. The Horned Skag’s charge was a single target knockback, so not that great for groups. But the Eridian skag has the potential for some nice, hard CC if the singularity works like converge.

  2. Jabber- I have a gut feeling this will be the damage pet. For one, it’s passive movement speed, while nice for survivability and just welcome in general, doesn’t provide the same level of impact as passive health regen or damage IMO. Also, the Jabber is the only pet that has 2 augments that specifically give it damage attacks (melee knockback and rocket launcher), leading me to believe it will be a bit more potent on its own than the other two.

Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but for me playing on a controller, the last thing I want when I’m sniping is having a melee summon attacking enemies and moving them around. I found the best “pet” classes for sniping were the ones that deployed stationary AI (Axton’s Turret, the Digiclones) because they perfectly controlled enemy movement. They would either run up to the deployable to attack it in melee, or hide perfectly still behind cover to shoot at it. Since the Jabber is the only ranged pet, I think it will best for the sniping play style for similar reasons. Enemies will either be still and attack it from range, or run up to it and attack, in which case it will probably use closer range attacks of its own to preoccupy the enemy.

For regular run n’ gun, which is my preferred style, all of them will be great.

Just my .2 cents.


I’m gonna have a Rift and Skag build, eventually having the Eridian Skag, because all I want is to play Interdimensional Black Hole Fetch.


Probably skag but the spiderant is starting to interest me. Definatly using Fl4k first though, love the consept of the class mods.

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My thoughts, I will use Fade Away, which you would think would mean the Jabber and its evolutions. But the Spiderant health regen and close combat attacks would seem to be better for a not obvious reason. I think it will be a lot easier to get crit hits during Fade Away’s cooldown period on an enemy currently engaged battling your Spiderant, then an enemy shooting at you or the jabber (who fights enemies from a distance). The skill head count can then be more effectively used as well as Jakobs weapons during Fade Away’s cooldown period. Thoughts?

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After watching some gameplay of all three… Skag all the way, no doubt about it.

I’m still undecided on the action skill, though. Torn between Gamma Burst and Fade Away.

I take visual into effect and I like how the horned skag looks overall. Jabber looks a bit too ridiculous to me. Spiderants look pretty much the same.
But I think I am going to rotate them as I level to get the feel of them. There is a possibility that one pet is better than another on different planets.

edit: names
I am going to name my Jabber “Jellybean”, Skag will be “BloodBaron”, and thinking Spiderant will be named “MadamPeaches”

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  1. Countess because I like corrosive a lot and also the ability to pseudo-teleport will be good for drawing aggro especially when you don’t have Gamma Burst
  2. Beefcake because it has the best synergy with Go for the Eyes!
  3. Eridian Skag obviously because of the singularity but also because it boosts fire rate which for the BL3 characters is great

Literally all of them. I have 7 different builds ready for Fl4k (yes, the builds are still getting more numerous) and in most builds, different pets work better for different environments.

The Spiderants have corrosive and incendiary attacks, which fits perfectly into adaptive playstyles. The Jabbers are the ideal sniper pets. And the Skags are great for CC.

All pets look great so far.