Which Redistributor is better?

Hi, I’m currently playing chain Zane and I need help in deciding which Redistributor is better between this two.

First one has better parts, but second has better anointment for Zane. If you won’t reroll first, second is better.

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Thank you, I’ll try to reroll the first.

second is miles better unless you are doing clone drone. it is not even a question really i suggest you read up here All VH Formulas - Google Docs

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Thanks, I’ll read it immediately.

since you can reroll anoints take first one and slap whatever you need on it it has higher crit and base damage for negligible fire rate deficiency.

That’s my setup so the “miles better…” Really had me over here grimacing because I knew ASA vs. ASE was the reason. Glad you pointed out the exception.

yeah obviously :smiley: i have no idea why they reduced asa since it is additive gun damage.

They did reduce most of non-character specific anointments, ASA being additive has no impact here, cause every type of bonus is additive and multiplicitave at the same time.

you know very well that only character with abundant non gun damage damage skills is fl4k so it does have impact