Which Rocket augments?

I’m playing base game, and Moze has 4 different augments to use rockets in Iron Bear. And of course, only two at a time can be used. (My character is level 45, if that makes any difference.) So, what is the advice on which 2 of the 4 augments to use? If the advice is situational, that’s OK. I have enough skill points in blue to use any of the 4 now. The bottom one, I was a little surprised to see how easily it can be evaded.
I play solo only.

I like the auto target on my left arm and No augment on the right.

No augment works when the target is out of range of lock on, and lock excels at dealing with Pesky flyers, like Rakk

Late game I switch out the right hand for corrosive sabots because I find specialist bear damage unnecessary.

In the grand scheme of things, Iron Bear does so much dmg it doesn’t matter which combination you use. It’s always best to test them all yourself and see what you enjoy the most…but the general consensus is:

-The basic rocket Augments are the best bossing tool for IB…okayish for mobbing because you have to slowly reload when you deplete them…

-Active Trackers reload faster and are good for movers/flyers, but you have to wait for it to charge, while aiming at all the enemies you want hit…

-Target Softening gives you a bit more damage if you prefer to play Moze alongside Auto Bear/Rocketeer…if playing IB tho, you won’t notice much of a debuff

-Nukes for mass clearing (and some bossing too)

For your own sake, you’re better off playing around with the augments and testing them out. You’ll likely find that you prefer certain ones for mobbing and others for bossing.

For example, if you’re going bossing with rocket pods, then your best DPS will be without any augments whatsoever. But for mobbing, you’ll come across agile or airborne enemies that can easily evade rockets which is where Active Tracking comes to the rescue.

Target Softening applies a debuff but it doesn’t stack so unless you’re running a strict Auto Bear setup where you want to debuff enemies and then hop out immediately for Moze to use splash anointments, there’s really no point in doubling up on that augment.

Hammerdown Protocol dishes out huge damage and is great for clearing rooms, but costs a lot of fuel and actually can’t inflict crit damage despite any efforts to meticulously aim the nuke at any crit spots. Because it deals radiation damage, it will also be halved against enemies who wear armour and some of the tankiest enemies in the game happen to have lots of armour on them.

If I’m looking to pilot Bear for any length of time, I would go without augments. But the AI is frankly awful without augments so if I have Auto Bear using rocket pods, I fit one with Active Tracking for more evasive targets, and the other hardpoint with Hammerdown Protocol.

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Thanks for the replies. I think I might continue to use tracking for general-purpose, but switch to Hammerdown for specific bosses or large groups of mobs.

Hammerdown is better for mobbing rather than bossing. I’d recommend just using the basic Vanquish pods for bossing.

I tend to use hammerdown for mobbing and no augments for bossing.

Flyers can sometimes be tricky with nukes but oftentimes there’s some pillar or roof or something nearby you can hit and the splash will get em.