Which "Side Mission" do you just not look forward on doing...again

I know…“You don’t HAAAAAVE to do it” That’s true. Though for some people, like myself. We’re all a little OCD about things and seeing something like that in your mission log. (having it show you still have THIS mission to do.) Can be a little…annoying to look at. If not bothersome lol.

For me…it’s the collecting missions T-T I love Borderlands at the bottom of my heart. It’s the creator of the series I love <3 though when playing the DLC–OH WE HAVE 3 COLLECTING MISSIONS COME ON :frowning:
Robot Parts-

For Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel ANYTHING WITH A TIMER!/or bonus objectives where if you screw up once you missed out on it. >.>

From Borderlands 2’s Tiny Tina dlc: The Magic of Childhood mission (the one in Murderlin’s temple where you have to protect Murderlin’s son and his tower).


Any of the one’s that involve sitting there like a ■■■■■ and having to wait for the npcs or scripts to end for the 3742074342th time

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Bad hair day
No Vacancy
Arms Dealing
The death race tier 3
Claptrap’s birthday party.

That’s my biggest problem with TPS and there are many main missions like that :frowning:

The mail delivery one in Three Horns. Absolutely terrible at that - the timer is very tight, and it’s easy to go the wrong way. Also the Arms Dealing (although it is JUST doable solo). Compare those with the Marcus mail recovery one - bags of time.

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mail delivery wasnt nearly as bad as arms dealing. but i did them both solo.

Rocko’s Modern Strife

  • So much can go wrong when the AI fights against itself

Out of Body Experience

  • Replay the Bloodshot Ramparts…again! Just for some crummy gear

Get to Know Jack

  • A fetch quest that forces you to sit through loading screens between
    hubs? No thanks

Clan War

  • Seven (7!) tiny parts requiring you to fast travel back and forth
    between them


  • There’s nothing you can do to speed this one along

The Great Escape

  • You just made it to the top of slab tower, completed Capture the
    Flags and found the bandit treasure maps, and you’re still not
    finished because of this one

Well, I haven’t done any side missions from DLCs yet, but from main campaign the one which enraged me the most was “capture the flags” mission on TVHM. In NVHM I was able to back off from the flags far enough that enemies actually don’t spawn, but something was different when I did during TVHM. Long story short, the generator keeps getting killed, I keep getting killed and then slowly slowly I grind some progress for raising the flag until I run out of sniper ammo for my zer0 character. I barely raised the flag on the last area where there are no ammo vendors around and buzzards kept overwhelming my character who had no corrosive weaponary to use against them. Honestly, whoever designed the area did a bad job, should have added ammo vendors for every area there, because otherwise you just run out of ammo when getting deeper into the level with no means to recover it other than beign forced to switch to other weapons. Which is probably not how it works for specific character builds whose are focused on using few weapons, like sniper zer0.

p.s. otherwise I’d probably have picked up Statusque if it was same case there. Backing off and preventing enemies from spawning works there. Kinda. Arguably a worse “excort” mission otherwise, since you can’t repair that constructor, unlike you can resume generator during “capture the flags”.

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Don’t try that one in UVHM, then. Or, just make sure that your sniper zero also has a decent corrsoive plasma caster, hornet, or some such. There is such a thing as being too focussed on a particular build/role!

Arms Dealing. I haven’t been able to complete it without teleporting by using the Catch-A-Ride stations.

All of the timed missions. And most of the side missions in TPS.

Anything that involves killing enemies with mission items (ie X-Communicate). They’re usually way underpowered on OP levels and generally not even fun to use.


Any quest that requires me to hit a few check pointed spots with a timer on the top right. So that if the vehicle mechanics decide to act up, I can spend a few minutes panicking while I desperately try to wiggle my two ton vehicle away from a garbage bin and a fence post.

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In order of annoyance:

1 - All of the timed delivery missions (Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Skags; Arms Dealing; Customer Service)

There are just too many unpredictable delays that can happen to make you fail that really aren’t your fault at all. If you clear the areas of enemies first, they’re too easy and boring, if you don’t, they’re too hard and frustrating.

2 - All of the timed racing missions (The Death Race, all tiers)

The first tiers are just boring, the third tier is too damn hard to complete without using multiple vehicles to cheat (and also boring).

3 - Any escort/guarding mission that resets itself completely if the thing you’re supposed to protect dies (Statuesque; Walking the Dog; Magic of Childhood)

These are particularly frustrating because they take too long and the things you’re supposed to protect seem to be made of glass while the enemies are too powerful (specially in UVHM). To add insult to injury, if you fail you have to go all the way back to the mission source and accept it again to give it another try.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, cut down on this stuff for Borderlands 3. Those missions are too frustrating for very unfair, stupid reasons. They just aren’t fun and suck the joy right out of the game. If the developers think the game absolutely must have an escort or racing mission for story purposes, try keeping it to just one of each and think of ways to make them less frustrating and more fun. Drop the timed delivery missions altogether. There’s simply nothing to justify the inclusion of those.

It’s doable, but you have to hit every jump and turn perfectly or you’re screwed.

And then you hit an invisible object (typically where a destroyed bike was; now only its hit-box is there) and are totally screwed.

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yo mama :smiley: jk just wanted to post this.

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My God- on OP8 I just want the option to beat the bandits to death with the butt end of that crappy rifle rather than try to shoot them with it. I completely ignore Tier 3 Death Races while for all other timed missions I just clear the area first and then use the Catch-A-Ride teleport trick…

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i’ve done them all legit, running/driving. of course, i also have a max afterburner, which helps immensely.

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