Which +Skill(s) does an optimalPhazerker COM have?

And which stats?

I heard on Moxsy’s Khaos 2.0 video that Action Skill is the best stat roll, now.

But what would the other two be?

And, per the topic: do the Skills matter much?

Because I found a banging AS + DR + WA one.

But it has +1 Conflux and +4 Clarity. No Anima.

Is the skill spread a deal breaker?

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AFAIK, this does nothing to TTB, Indiscriminate, Remnant.

Sometimes this skill kills you as well


So he’s wrong about that?

That is good to know.

Thanks, a lot! :slight_smile:

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maybe he missed zkarma’s boring math videos. lol


But it’s really not that bad if you’re paying attention. I’d rather have Anima than go without it. Plus, I don’t use any health regen and have, I think, +7 in Anima with my Phasezerker COM.


That really depends on the build you’re going for… Like, I have one with Jakob’s Critical hit increase, weapon damage, and assault rifle damage. Then one with WD, AR, and SMG damage.

i use a +5 :wink:


Some of that depends on what items and anointments your using. If you use Splash damage weapons mixed with anointments that add extra elements you can need to pau even more attention and mind your distance to enemies. Having Phasegrasp and Stillness of the mind can 100% make that a non issue.

The other solution is Stop-gap and Last Stand relic.

At this point unless Amina is past 4 points you should be fine.

Was Tise that Bind getting buffed by Do Harm a bug?

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Possible since gbox remove the interaction of do harm and ttb.

That’s not really true, though. I have +7 in Anima and use an old God shield with a snowdrift deathless artifact.

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Nat speaking of that i play on console so if i see anything plus 5 i get giddy. I got a mindsweeper for moze to drop from killavolt after 3 days of farming monarchs and transformers for all my 10 builds with 10 different lvl 60s. The thing had +5 in TCP so those crit grenades from PTHP were effecting a wide radius not to mention like +38 grenade damage and 12% maliwan damage and +20 something reload speed. So the flipper rips it up with 160 splash after exiting iron bear plus the 9 shot spread with the sweeper and it gets nuts. I swap between my moxzi 3.0 raging bear for mobs and the sweeper for bosses. The moral of the story is +5 class mods with nice rolls are what dreams are made of. Congrats on that phazezerker COM! Im Jelly of that one!

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On another note im stoked about the new skill trees coming, these characters are going to be way deeper than BL 2.

if you are on ps4, add me nat_zero_six. i got some good roll cm for all.

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Will do.

For the life of me, I do not understand why this build is considered OP.

I have a crap SD but my Amara wrecks 10 times as hard with it. And my Moze seems a billion times better.

I am sure its just me. But it doesn’t feel like it, lol.

I get what your saying. Its just i get tired of running my op driver on her all the time. Its easy mode. I got one with Some good rolls like 38% ASC and + 30 something shotgun damage and 58% gun charge speed for my recursion. Its pretty sick.

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All depends on your loadout. I have one +5 Conflux with smg dmg and dahl crit which I love use with Kaoson, but of course it’s not that great with Monarch, Reflux or other meta weapons.

For Skills I think Clarity is overall the best neutral roll, but it could be useless if you are using Sustainment. Anima is only good when you are using high DoT dmg, but it’s easy to down yourself.

I’m not sure if AS damage has impact on TTB right now. But it’s so powerful it doesn’t need one atm. Also it may/will change in future, cause GBX stated that actual buff to TTB is timed. But still I would use different passive instead.


The mechanics behind the driver relegate it to the bottom of my COM’s list for Amara. It’s a cheese COM, much like Zane’s Seein’ Dead SNTNL/Barrier combo. Zane needs the Seein’ Dead, though… Amara does not.

Here’s my take on my Max Sniper Amara build… I do use a COM with AS damage, but will try others to see if there’s any difference. I only have one point in Do Harm.

I am and i will, i will be stevethegreatest on your inbox.

Wow. Really like the build. Im a huge fan of the unseen threat and clairvoyance. Im a Fl4K main and i have always been a jacobs man anyway. Thats nice.

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I love Jakob’s guns, too. I main them on my Fl4k as well. Amara is just on another level when it comes to dps power. And I mean straight up power, not crit swapping or using any exploits.