Which skill should have gone to someone else?

I cant be the only one who looks at certain skills and thinks that another character would make far better use out of them. What underwhelming skills would have been better served on a different character?

Also, it has to be a bad skill, so no Krieg with Bloodrush. And they can’t have a similar skill, so no Omega Senshu for Maya, since she allready has Reaper.

I think wilhelms slam radius skill shouldve gone to athena, but toned down some cause she is powerful enough already. But that would greatly increas. the appeal of hades’ shackles to me, and vortex if you like using it.

Rolands grenade regen skill would be awesome for axton.

Also, i dont necesarilly think it should be removed from aurelia as its really good for her, but her skill that increases bullet velocity and sniper mag size would be great for nisha only with pistol mag size

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I’ve always questioned why Salvador would have a skill like Money Shot when he puts more emphasis on more dakka.

Maniacal Laughter on Claptrap doesn’t make any sense. It’s function would have been better served on Athena who can actually dish out a lot of elemental effect without the constant need of grenade spammage.

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but then athena would never die, even more than she never dies already! :stuck_out_tongue: