Which Skills have Mayhem Scaling?

As some know, certain skills per character scale with Mayhem Mode. Moze, for example, has 31x scaling modifiers at Mayhem 10 to Fire in the Skag Den and Big Surplus, which means instead of dealing +30% Incendiary damage if those skills are maxed, she deals +960% Incendiary damage. Meaning taking those skills or not means missing out on dealing over 10x the damage. I’m considering playing around with Fl4k but with that kind of insanely poor, totally undocumented balance, I feel it would be wildly irresponsible to do any meaningful planning or theorycrafting without knowing what skills, if any, for Fl4k have Mayhem Scaling, and what that scaling is. I couldn’t find it in the forum so anyone who knows, I would greatly appreciate it.

Baseline for FL4K is that only the skills that make sense for it get mayhem scaled.

  • Rakk Attack and Gamma Burst’s Rift Explosion are x31 on Mayhem 10-11 (x31 is the Action Skill Scaling for everyone at those levels);
  • Pets, their equipment and abilities (like shields with damaging effects and grenades thrown by War Loader) get x51 on Mayhem 10-11. Same applies to Atomic Aroma and He Bites;
  • Success Imminent and Dominance’s radiation explosion get x31 on Mayhem 10-11;
  • Everything else is unaffected, but I could be forgetting something.

Doesn’t He Bites gets affected as well?

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It is considered pet damage and gets pet scaling x51@M10/11

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Thought as much. Needed that double check. Is there a a place to check what does get scaling.

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Brain skipped mentioning He Bites for some reason. As for checking what gets scaling, I think there was a list from the Discord community but I can’t seem to find it currently.

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I see, I need to find this discord.

Post the results here!