Which skins did you buy?

  • Alani

  • Boldur

  • Kelvin

  • Mellka

  • Miko

  • Thorn

  • Ambra

  • Rath

  • Attikus

  • Caldarius

  • Deande

  • Kleese

  • El Dragon

  • Marquis

  • Phoebe

  • Isic

  • Orendi

  • Toby

  • Reyna

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Really curious to which skins are preferred by people. I did add Miko cause I know there are some Miko lovers out there that will buy it anyway.

    • Shayne & Aurox
    • Whiskey Foxtrot
    • Benedict
    • Galilea
    • Montana
    • Oscar Mike
    • Ghalt

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Only 20 options in a poll

None, only like 3 or 4 are actually half good looking while the rest are pretty bland/ugly. Plus they are overpriced for what they are.

Kinda disappointed really, thought more of them would be cooler than that. Hope T3 turns out better


If the game manages to come back, maybe i’ll buy some, but right now this game doesn’t deserve any more cent from us.
Only thing interesting to me are shayne & aurox skin & taunt, but since I can’t play the game due to the lack of players, it’s no use to put more money.


Same. Didn’t buy any so far because I hoped I could also grind for some in the game, plus they aren’t worth their current price. They are just recolors after all, and some of them look really bland.
I like some of them, but not enough to shell out on them so easily. I would have grinded for the ones I like the most and bought some of those I like less but still wanted, but like that? Nah.
I hope I’ll eventually get my hands on Alani’s skin and S&A’s taunt though… Be it after a sale on platinum or the dwindling hope of obtaining them somehow in game eventually.

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i baught the whisky skin and taunt its comedy gold when i taunt poeople haha still have enough platinum coins to buy more but i am undecided yet.


The tea ceremony is still a bajillion times better though!! :joy:

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how do i select all of them?

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Haha you can’t in the options of making the poll the max choice I could select was 7. just select your favourite 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t took big on any of the skins (maybe one or two I might get later), but some of the taunts looked good. Benedict and Oscar Mike taunts are funny.

That Shayne and Auryx taunt it’s worth every death to use it.


I’m waiting a week just because of financial reasons but I’m totally getting Montana’s, Oscar Mike’s, ISIC’s, and Benedict’s. Really digging Toby, Reyna, and Galilea as well. I have to have that dancing taunt for Shayne & Aurox, that is amazing. I will die so many times because that taunt takes like 15 minutes but whatever, I don’t care. I think I’ll just randomly taunt for the fun of it.

There a way to preview them or?

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They’re listed under each character, and you can’t jump to the preview from the Marketplace.

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You need a “None” choice.


Boldur, Rath, Caldarius, Toby. Probably could’ve done without Rath and Toby, but oh well. And Boldur’s textures are REALLY excellent.

Ahh duh. Didnt think of that. Thought they stayed in the marketplace lol.

none. its stealing money. game is dying soon. or change to ftp… in all way 2k/gearbox do very bad for all who buy this game

I would have bought one for Orendi as she’s my favorite. However, her new Tier 2 one is just another recolor…not even any noticable pattern change. Lazy.

Not going to happen.
Go ahead and mention a hot place with ice water. :wink:

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