Which sound mode to choose?

Has anyone figured out how the sound mode works? What should someone with a 5.1 setup select? I’m with “small speakers” right now and it is sometimes hard to understand NPCs speaking right in front of you.


I have a 5.1 setup (PC sound card feeds a receiver that feeds the speakers), and I’m set to HIFI.

I’m not a fan of that non-standard naming convention, especially without an on-screen hint or documentation though (that I know of). I kicked the dialog volume to max, lowered the music and sound effects, and use the master volume on my amp as needed.

Positional audio and EAX (or whatever they’re using now) works good though. I’m using the analog lines if that makes a difference… forgot why I switched away from digital.

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Alright then, i’ll definetly give HiFi a shot. And yes i hate this naming as well, totally pointless and annoying.

Thanks man.

The reason I’m on HIFI is sort of by process of elimination; none of the others sound right for this, so HIFI is what’s left. :laughing:

When all else fail, it sounds like a legitimate method xD