Which toon has the best synergy with Tediore? a Tediore only playthrough

i am thinking about starting a toon that uses Tediore equipment only. guns, shields, nades, oz kits, classmods. everything Tediore.

why everything Tediore? because i never used Tediore that much besides IVF throwing, so i am thinking about going deeper into Tediore at some point. maybe not even soon, but some day.

so, which character would work best with all Tediore gear?
does every character has at least one Tediore class mod?

let me know your opinion, guys!
thanks in advance!

Athena and Jack are good tediore chuckers, and Claptrap if you get SWAB and Gun Wizard.

do all three have Tediore class mods?

unfortunately, i can’t find the class mod manufacturers in the character resource threads.

Wilhelm has a class mod that boosts shotgun damage / accuracy, unsure of manufacturer.

Claptrap could be a viable choice, Gun Wizard refills your reserve ammo so chucking is a viable strategy long-term, and he has a bunch of skills that help Tediore


250mil tediore chuck in the mutator arena, around 10 skills that help (extra reload speed, extra grenade damage, extra explosive damage, extra mag size etc.), and he can instantly refill all the ammo with Gun Wiz will adding +100% mag size.

Next would be Jack with the biggest grenade damage and mag size boosts, followed by Athena on Tediore SMGs. Next comes Wilhelm with the biggest mag size boosts for Tediore lasers, but he doesn’t get any extra grenade damage boosts.

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Does a thrown Tediore wespon count as grenade damage or the damage of the weapon type it is?

Clappy with a LnS com is hilarious. Something like 220% bonus explosive damage at max stacks.


So which of these classes has Tediore class mods, if any at all??

The Shotgun damage / accuracy incrueasing COM for Willy is Hyperion.

But it sounds like something that improves grenade damage would be more useful.

Is Jack the only character with grenade damage increasing COMs?

I would just like to drop in to remind people that Tediore weapons are not just for chucking, in fact their SMGs are some of the best even if you dissregard their gimick completely


I checked on the wiki and didn’t see any COMs made by Tediore, that dosent mean they don’t exist, the wiki is somewhat lacking in that area.

Oh how baaad. :frowning:

Good choices of Tediore gear available:

Party line shotgun: one of the best in the game IMO.
Any Tediore SMG, like Wings said
Splitter lasers are DA bomb
Railers have a very potent chuck
Shotgun supreme (quad barrels) have a great mag size If you plan on using Clappy’s OLT, and they come in all elements.
Their shields work great with Clappy’s killbot
The shootarang is the highest damage per bullet among elemental pistols.
IFV, Clappy… Nuf said
And they have launchers!

since they weren’t that creative with new legendaries and brought a lot from BL2 ones back, i somehow miss the Deliverance Shottie! also the blue Block Head was awesome.

The party line is just as good as the blockhead, maybe even better.

I miss my Hefty Avenger. I hope that TPS will get some Pearles.

You can get pretty much the same out of a shootarang. Expect that it’s actually a good gun to shoot too.