Which tree should I head down next?

Hi, my name is Will. I am a level 38 Wilhelm player and im wondering which tree to continue to put points in. My Dreadnought tree is filled I have one point in Cyber Cammando so far because I have a celestial mod and I want to recieve those bonuses from man and machine and targeting scope and my Hunter-Killer tree has 12 points in it so far. I based my build upon the recommendation of this forum and my celestial mod, but I also really like Kill Skills so I want to get a few points into targeting scope so I can have all 3 Kill Skills active at once. So what do you guys think? Continue down Hunter-Killer for omega strike or start putting points into Cyber Commando to activate targeting scope which recieves bonuses from my mod?

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And which is better escalation or cold war?

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Id like both but also want points in scramble.

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Escalation is better than Cold War. Scramble isn’t that good, in my opinion.

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Omega Strike is a hunk-of-junk, and you shouldn’t prioritize the Hunter Killer tree for it alone. If we’re starting out with filling out the Dreadnought tree, my build would probably be this at level 38.


Then I’d work my way down the Cyber Commando tree until I got Vengeance Cannon, and after that I’d fill out the Hunter Killer tree a bit more with the rest of the points.

Overall Escalation is better. Cold War is very situational and needs a lot of points to be anywhere near reliable. Simply having a Fridgia in one of your slots is a better choice when you need to freeze UBAs/Bosses, or just circumvent the whole thing and eventually use an Absolute Zero.


Thanks bud! Thats about what my build looks like, but I have points in hazmat instead of fortify and points in suppression. That sucks that omega strike sucks! I will continue down cyber commando, thanks again for the info!

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You’re welcome. And also just having one point in Scramble is good enough. Wolf rarely dies, but when he does the extra 30% duration is welcome. Plus putting more points into it has diminishing returns.

“One point equals 30% and two points equals 35%? They should have just made it a “game changer” in the first place then.”