Which type of guns are best suited for Maya?

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New player here and having a bit of trouble deciding which guns I want to use so I figured I would just ask which (if any) are best suited for the class and go from there. I just finished BL1 and I used a sniper and pistol (mainly revolver) so I thought about changing it up in BL2 and so far I’ve used an AR and shotgun but I am not so sure anymore. Any advice is welcomed.

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Depends on what class mod you use, but Maya becomes very powerful with a combination of a Cat class mod and SMG’s; however early game she’s great with everything. Of course using matching elements is important

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:point_up_2: This.
In Borderlands 2 there are no weapons proficiencies anymore, so the character is not “getting better” with the weapons most used. That has a plus side, because you can change your loadout as you wish without any penalties.
But yes, Cat COM and a SMG can be a brutal combination


Chain Reaction is perhaps the only skill that really affects gun selection - so multi-pellet, bullet-spltting, high rate-of-fire anything.

Wreck works for everything. Jakobs doesn’t get so much out of it, but that hardly matters as Maya can do so much with Jakobs anyways.

Reaper - well there are only a few guns whose splash gets the Reaper bonus, chiefly the Pimpernel (see Chain Reaction). It’s enough to say that all guns get a huge buff from Reaper regardless.

So in short : literally anything.


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Maya’s best offensive COM is her Cat Com, and the skills it boosts affect all weapons, so for the most part, she can use whatever. That said, the Cat COM also provides a large boost to damage done by SMGs, so while she’ll be good with any weapon, she’ll be great with SMGs. Thankfully, that’s the only piece of equipment with a leaning towards a particular weapon type, and none of her skills are weapon-specific, so you can use basically whatever.

EDIT: as far as Chain Reaction goes, it’s a great skill. However, it’s important to know that it puts a huge strain on your system at higher levels of the skill. Consoles will tend to crash when Chain Reaction is hitting it’s stride, as will most PCs. If you’ve got a really high end PC with top-of-the-line parts, you can probably pull off Chain Reaction shenanigans, but otherwise, you may want to stay away from the skill entirely.

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I have a middle of the road laptop and run CR @ 5/5 or more all the time - always have even with my crappiest laptop. I’ve crashed my game maybe 3 times in as many years - and only against the Bunker. Yes it can put a strain on things but even PS3 players don’t avoid it.

Paging @paulothead - have you had issues with CR to the point that you avoid it?

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Ok. Last time I asked about that, I was told it could definitely cause issues, but when I said it looked like my One X would crash if I tried to use it, no one bothered to correct me, so I figured it was as bad as I was thinking. It was the “A Couple of Build Questions” thread, so it was a recent question. After all, if I say “If a PC is having issues, a One X probably won’t be able to keep up”, and no one says otherwise, I’m going to assume that I wasn’t wrong.

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Hm. Maybe I’ll do another Dark Kermit meme for that later :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But as a summary, as @swk3000 and @Jefe say, Maya can use every type of gun to an at least good effect. In the end your weapon choices should (and will) reflect your playstyle.
Elemental sniper, mid-range SMG specialist, Up close and personal if that is your thing, it’s possible with Maya. By bringing boosts to Crit damage and shield strength or healing skills and all that in tier 1 she supports a lot of different builds. Have fun

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Depending on my build I’ve run CR with 4/5 and even 5/5 on my XBox One with no ill effects- I’m thinking someone my have just had their own personal issues and then assumed it was a universal issue. Still, best thing I can say is for the OP to try it for themselves and see what they think. As for the gun selection all my characters tend to favor pistols and shotguns followed by SR, SMG and grenades- AR and RL get little use unless I’m doing BAR challenges, Gaige or Krieg…

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Nope, and I’m on PS3 so I assume if it would be a problem I’d see it earlier than most. I’ve also never really gone out of my way to abuse it either. It does put in work for me in mobbing scenarios, but I’ve never tried to take advantage of it in the BNK3R fight, isn’t that where the fabled game crashing typically occurs? Maybe I’ll take a shot at it later to see. (Just realized how much of your post I didn’t register when I read it pre-coffee. My bad. Later probably means tomorrow because it’s Mother’s Day here in the US and part of my wife’s gift is the console getting a day of rest.)

As for “what weapons to use”, Maya is a beast with pretty much everything (except launchers, which I don’t actually use enough with anyone to have an opinion) in my opinion. She is my character that got the furthest with “common” (non red text) gears. I referred to her once as “the Pandoran Army Knife” because she can make most anything work in most any situation.

What ARs and shotguns are you using? With Maya I prefer accurate ARs, I find Dahl burst fire advantageous. Torgue isn’t too bad either, but with those I usually prefer Lances and Rifles. And I use Jakobs ARs, single shot with a scope,
as sniper rifles with a larger ammo pool (Gatling guns are great too, but in more up close situations). For shotguns I think that Hyperion Thinking and Jakobs Coach Guns are the best common variants in Maya’s hands. But these things are really down to preferences. If you don’t like how what you’re using feels pick up something different and kill some stuff. You may find that other things work better for you than the things that work for us.

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Her action skill combined with some other skills allow her to use basically whatever you want.

Her cat class mod is built around SMGs, but other than that she’s pretty flexible.

Even some guns that sre generally considered bad can be used relatively well with maya

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As many have said, SMGs and Cat comms make her very powerful.
I use Maya 80% of the time, and I rely on Cats. You can (if you’re lucky or farming) get a Cat comm very early in the game, I have a lvl 7 Cat comm with 79% SMG damage boost, which as you can imagine makes the early, middle, and late game easier. Might seem funny to have a 7 comm at level 40, but the damage boost makes it work.
And I generally use a Hellfire or B-tch. Sand Hawk is nice, but I like the speedier bullets and those two get me through the Peak so all good.
BTW, picking up later Cat comms usually means boosting Accelerate pretty well too, and I always spec that. Oh, and later ones boost Wreck also, which helps tons.
Other weapons: Usually some type of Vladoff sniper (Lyuda if you’re willing to farm, and I am), a pistol of some type. She rarely if ever uses ARs, shotguns, or launchers. just doesn’t work for me.

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I’m surprised that no one has mentioned this already, but… Snipers, anyone! Being one of the best guns in the game, the Pimpernel turns into a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of Maya. But, just about every sniper rifle will be really good on Maya, and the reason for that has already been said. Reaper! Reaper kicks in as long as the enemy has above 50% health, which means that it’s active during the initial shield phase. If you go with the Pimpernel, you will also benefit greatly from Chain Reaction.

Snipers combined with a Legendary Siren or a Legendary Binder works best.

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Thanks for all the responses, I have since tried out SMGs and have really taken to them. Never used them in BL1 so its a nice change of pace also. I am now considering a secondary weapon type as I am eating through ammo with 3 of my guns being SMGs lol.

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This is something that I recommend doing. Try things out, and see what YOU think of them. One may think that guns that are of white rarity are useless, but they kill stuff too. Don’t get hung up on rarity.

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This thread has nothing to do with rarity, I was never hung up on it. Just trying to figure out what class of guns I will use.

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The reason for bringing up rarity is because in some cases, green rarity is better than blue. Sometimes things aren’t what you expect them to be. but, if you’re the kind of player who’d rather skip to the good stuff, then the easy answer to the original question is Snipers, particularly the Pimpernel, and SMG’s. There are situations where other guns are better, but for general gameplay, nothing really comes close.

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No offense but you seem to be making a lot of inaccurate assumptions. I know the rarity scale and what is better than what and I also know that sometimes a green can be better than an orange. That’s basic mmorpg stuff tbh which I’ve played for years. I know you mean well, but it irks me when people talk the way you are. Call it a personal pet peeve.

Edit: I appreciate your contribution to the actual topic at hand tho. I will seek out this “Pimp” you speak of and try it out.

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If you know all this, then why are you asking? If you’re that experienced, you should be able to figure this stuff out for yourself. Or at least find your way to the Top Gear section for Maya.

If you don’t want my help, then fine… I’m not gonna force myself on you. Everything you want to find out about BL 2 is right here in the forums for everyone to read. No need to ask anyone! Good luck!

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Again, that is not what I was originally asking about. Yes I know about different rarities and all that, that’s why the original question had nothing to do with that. What I was asking, was opinion on different types of guns because I was having a hard time deciding which to use. It was a very subjective question to begin with and there is no right answer per se or anything to “figure out”

Did you read my entire post? That response seems totally blown out of proportion.

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