Which type of weapons should I use for Axton?

I’m trying to get a good mind set on which weapons I should pick up for my Axton character. I mean just because my Turrets can give out Slag doesn’t mean I shouldn’t pick one up so…heres my idea.

Rocket Launcher- Norfleet (This will help me whenever I get down…it’s almost a must.)
SMG- Slagga (Easily the best slag weapon…or second best if you count moxxi’s pistols lol.) I might stick with this one. However if I begin to struggle with health, I’ll switch/use Rubi/Grog for now on.
Shotgun- This is Axton’s weapon…his weapon…what weapon you might ask well the SWORDSPLOSION!!! of course!
AR- The Ogre…that is all lol.

This is also my build and…I’m honestly quite happy with how it looks. I’m just thinking which weapons I should hunt down, if I should even use the Ogre and just use the Herald instead. Since it’s alot more easier to get then the Ogre.

Given that those are considered some of the best weapons in the game, you’ll probably be fine with them. If you’re asking for a type/category of weapons, those that benefit from grenade damage (Torgue and certain other weapons with splash damage) can benefit directly from some of his skills and COMs. I might generalize it more to say, “whatever you like”… he’s pretty good with almost anything.

I know it’s kinda…easy for me to just say the best weapons in the game lol. So he can pretty much handle any weapon? How about Sniper Axton? Is that a thing lol? And which would you pick outta these two?

Slagga VS Rubi/Grog
Ogre VS Herald

I’m honestly on the fence about this. I’m planning on going far with this character and yeah it’s just kinda good to know which I should hunt down :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Cody2Hottie, post:3, topic:1254418”]How about Sniper Axton? Is that a thing lol?[/quote]While he may not be considered one of the top snipers by any means, he can snipe well (and not just with a Pimpernel either).

[quote=“Cody2Hottie, post:3, topic:1254418”]And which would you pick outta these two?
Slagga VS Rubi/GrogOgre VS Herald[/quote]Oh wow… I’ve been playing allegiance for so long, I can’t even imagine him using either of those first two guns. I’d probably go with the Rubi just because he’s already got good slagging from his turrets, and the Rubi might be some other element (plus, doesn’t it get grenade damage buffs?). I’d take the Ogre over the Harold anyday, but only because I think the Ogre is way more fun to shoot. With Axton’s fire rate buffs, unloading a full Ogre magazine is a wonderful thing.

Sorry if my choices aren’t with the meta lol it’s been a while. And he does have grenade buffs but my build doesn’t have “Do or Die” mainly cause…I couldn’t lower anything even if I wanted. I’m 1 point away from getting it but I’m MAX level so I can’t lol.

It sucks but I don’t mind it. I like my build, it fits my needs well~

Also thanks, I’ll just use the Rubi/Grog for my healing weapon then ^-^ and it’s gonna be hell to get that Ogre but I’ll try my best!

I just finished off an OP8 run using Triad Thunder’s Last Man Standing build and the weapons I manned were a shock Vengeful Infinity, slag Practicable Slow Hand (mainly for slagging enemies while in FFL, not for healing) Deadshot Bekah and DPUH. Grenade was a Explosive Fastball switched out to a MM to regen the grenades, shield was the Blockade, relic was the Sheriff’s Badge and the com was L. Soldier. For constructors I used a corrosive Pimpernel and corrosive relic, for all other armored foes the Vengeful Infinity combined with the slag from the turrets was able to handle them…

Also just because its not on the list doesn’t mean you can’t use it

Axton can use anything, but explosive builds will strengthen the power of guns with splash.

Easy-to-get stuff:
Grog Nozzle
Pimpernel (prioritize shock)
Sand Hawk

Grab it if it drops:
Non-Bandit Plasma Casters

Farming projects:

A Slagga, Bekah, Harold, and shock Pimpernel cover all bases.

Ogre. That is all. :dukecheese:

Naaaahhhhh… The Bekah is sooooo gooooood!!!

The Bekah doesn’t have splash. :dukejk:

The ogre is the king of ars on Axton IMO. The bekha is good but doesn’t have any special synergies with him

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Beckah is GREAT!! But you have to contend with:
Range Split
Mag size
You should probably spec Duty Calls which nobody usually does.
And just how good of a trigger puller you are with Jakobs…(Derch and Abvex are two of my friends that can make it fire like a machine gun…me?..not so much).
Also…it misses the Elemental Bonuses.

Ogre is just easier and synergizes really well with Axton’s normally specced skills.

BTW…ARs have reduced Critical Hit Bonus…but Jakobs has increased Critical Hit bonus…

So…What is the Beckah’s Critical Hit bonus??

The Ogre is great, no question. Here is my case for the Bekah:

  1. It’s one of the most broadly useful guns in the game, if not the most broadly useful. As has been demonstrated on video, a solid Axton player can go start-to-finish in OP8 Peak runs using the Bekah for everything outside of applying slag.

  2. You don’t have to build around it for it to be effective. Any reasonably well built Axton can pick it up and immediately be effective with it.

  3. ‘Special synergies’ do exist.

  • it has unlisted pellets, which synergize with the Bee, so Axton’s awesome shield skills make him one of the two best Bee + Bekah abusers in the game. That combination is devastating.

  • Duty Calls, which is rarely worthwhile, becomes absurd with the Bekah. Add some points in Overload, and the whole thing simply goes off the rails. I occasionally run a Legendary Soldier with this: http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#55055140015230015510005050143100

…and don’t really need to bother with slag on most enemies, even if I keep on a BoA instead of a mod that adds AR damage.

  • if we want to get absolutely ridiculous, we can use a skill set like the one above with a Bee. At that point, you’re pumping out so much damage, you’ll be killing multiple enemies between reloads.

Really, though, it comes down to this:

The Bekah is simply better against more content than just about any other gun in the game, including the Ogre. On top of that, it has far better ammunition efficiency. In theory, the Ogre puts out better DPS. In reality, you’ll crit more with the Bekah, reload less often (you’re getting kills with precision, not fire rate), and simply spend a higher percentage of the time putting shots on target instead of reloading or winding up.


50% type A and the standard 15% type B all Jacobs ARs have.

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I am a firm believer in the Bekah. It totally outperforms the Ogre in the right hands.

I have endless love for the Orge, though. So much fun. I believe it is a bit easier to pick up and use than the Bekah, so that is a big plus.

There both amazing guns. Also that reminds me I need to move it to top gear in the thread

Honestly the weapon I love the most on Axton (besides all of the cliche explosive ones which I use but after awhile they can get a bit boring) is the Omen. Seems weird, but it’s quite amazing.

Omen rocks on axton. It also gets grenade damage buffs