Which Vault Hunter gets the most out of Tediore reloads?

I figure the answer is either Axton or Krieg, who are the resident boom-boom experts.

Most of Axton’s explosive bonuses (bonii?) are passive (Impact, Steady, Do or Die) with Battlefront only being on while a turret is out.

I don’t have much experience with Krieg but I think some of his explosive buffs are tied to the blood stack mechanic?

Which one of these guys can leverage Tediore throws to the most ridiculous extent?

Which one would be the better option if you wanted to play through the game using the Tediore reload mechanic (rather than simply considering the raid boss chucking potential)?

Probably Bloodlust-Mania Krieg (100 Bloodlust stacks with Bloodbath+Strip the Flesh for NE Tediore weapon), though chuck Axton’s no slouch either.

Axton, because Krieg’s tediore use is extremely ammo intensive. Throwing a gun with 100 bloodlust stacks will massively overkill most enemies, to the point where it would be a waste of ammo to do so. Axton’s tediore use is more economical in regards to ammo.

Axton. Krieg can get some benefit out of it, but Axton’s the chucking king.

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So Krieg might edge out Axton for chucking down raid bosses (when ammo efficiency is less important than doing the damage right now), but it sounds like Axton does it more efficiently for when you’re just mobbing and want to shut down (Super/Ultimate) Badasses?

Honestly, I’m fairly confident Axton beats Krieg for chucking during raids too. Krieg needs his bloodlust stacks to chuck on raids, while all Axton needs is low health and to have his turret out.

Not to say that Krieg can’t chuck, but Axton is definitely the man if you want to be the most efficient with it.

Battlefront only being active when the Turret is out is not really much of a problem if you build for it. With the right skills and careful, strategic placement of the turret, it can stay up for a really long time. Axton’s turret probably has the longest duration of all the action skills in the game, and you can find ways to extend duration/reduce cooldown considerably. Most of the time I play explosive builds I can clear out entire rooms and still have time left on the clock to recall it.

Axton (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Veteran + Grenadier coms = BOOOM

Krieg with 100 bloodlust stacks

Axton hands down.

And I think Krieg isn’t even #2 in Mobbing situations where Tediore chucking is used as a sustained strategy: Salvador gets to chuck 2 at a time and has ammo regen.

I mostly use tediore for Krieg as a way out of ffyl. I suppose I could implement it as a more general tactic… I’m never sure about ammo consumption though.

Ahh, the baby maker has got me up so many times… only to have the second explosion put me straight back down again :stuck_out_tongue:

That could be interesting with slag and a big enough bloodlust boosted magazine size. Might have to go and experiment now…

A Sal specced into the Rampage tree can gunzerker for 90+ seconds- that’s kind of hard to beat…:sunglasses:


I’ve once had DT out for nearly 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh lord, deathtrap and the rakk in the warrior’s lair


Hahahaha! exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

It was shooting down rakks in the background during all the ending cutscene

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Ok, I stand corrected. It was a poor choice of words… I should have said one of the longest durations in the game. :wink:

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Don’t Forget @bew_ 3 minute MMF chain. Axton’s is actually one of the shortest assuming optimal conditions for the other AS, whatever relevance that has in a real world discussion.

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Ok, then the Turret has the longest base duration without any skill modifiers other than Deathtrap. :grin:

Anyway, my point was that Battlefront only being active when the turret is out is not really that much of a problem if you build for it.


It was actually over 4 minutes. But Axton’s turret duration is enough to fully benefit from bonuses what it gives.

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I’m guessing if you were looking at the sustainability of a chucking build (ie, using it in general play) Salvador would probably have the most effectiveness/endurance? Since he regenerates ammo while gunzerking, and has a class mod that gives him always-on ammo regeneration, right?

Actually the more I think about it, the more chucking/Tediore guns seem better for Salvador. Maybe he can’t get huge damage out of them like Axton or Krieg can, but he can mitigate the big issue (ammo use) and since the Tediore guns have the fastest ‘reloads’ they also help Salvador out when gunzerking (faster ‘reloads’ = more time gunzerking)?