Which vault hunter to play next

I’ve mained Amara from the beginning and I love playing as her but I would like to have a backup. I initially planned to play all four and still probably will eventually but FL4K, and Moze nerfs put me off that idea for a time.

So I’m looking for a powerful and fun build to play that is hopefully safe from nerfs. I hate having my build nerfed, which admittedly is another reason for this thread in case heaven forbid, they ruin Amara.

Having an end goal in mind helps to motivate and excite me. Anyone have any recommendations?

Fl4k does a lot of damage in a couple ways mostly because r4kk attack is basically slag and Gamma Burst/Empathic is also basically slag and megavore.

Moze does a lot of damage in one specific way (incendiary/splash damage).

Zane does decent damage in basically any way you can think of.

Moze is good against annointed with her fire bonuses, also really tanky shield wise, also can benefit from company loyalty, so if you have a bunch of tediore, torgue or jakobs or whatever gear she can get the most out of brand loyalty. Fl4k does great crit dmg, and megavore (capstone) makes it so you don’t have to be a good shot to benefit from the crit dmg bonuses. I’d hold off on Zane until he gets buffed, since that’s inevitable, and if you’re switching from Amara you’d be really underwhelmed by him power level wise, i mean he is really fun to play, but not too good at standing on his feet as compared to the others.

Mind you, I started with Fl4k and love him. went all the way through the story and maxed my Zane and loved playing him, and then I made my Moze and wondered why I should even bother playing Zane (maybe even Fl4k) at all, and now I’m on my Amara and wondering why I even bother playing Zane (maybe even Fl4k) at all. But Fl4k is still my main cuz I love the glass cannon style (I run loaded dice, crit heavy build for farming). If you do make a Zane, the cryo builds are pretty good tbh, and I love his dialogue.

Coming from Amara? Play Zane :slight_smile:

A Zane cryo build is super good right now. I mop the floor with Mayhem 4 mobs with my build. Zane is crazy good if you spec/build him right.

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Zane. He’s got the best voicelines in the game by a long shot.


This is actually what I was leaning towards and because he’s Zane, he’s generally got nowhere to go but up since he could still use some buffs.

Fl4k is fun to play… and he is a robot with a pet monkey with a gun and sunglasses. I mean come on. Need I say more?

I took all four through normal and level 50, plus Amara & Fl4k through TVHM. You have to get through the story anyway & normal mode is pretty easy with any of them (just seems to take a long time!) Well, I don’t really like the Iron Bear black screen transition or Fl4k’s pet gettng in your face all the time so Zane!

I two shot enemies in the slaughter shaft with my maggie, it’s pretty insane. I suggest you check him out.

Moze actually doesn’t have splash damage buffs, other than one COM. Only gun damage and certain skills that procc on splash.

I’m going to need some specific items though right?

Sort of. You need an Ice Breaker artifact and a Maggie with 50% Bonus Cryo while SNTNL is active. If you play on Xbox, I’d be more then happy to send/trade you my build.

@Tracepo I’m on PS4, thanks though.