Which vault hunter?

ive played all of them to various levels with the exception of the mechromancer. Only 2 that i have played too op 8 and end game are sal and maya. My question is which character should i take to end game next?

Please if you can explain why you choose a certain one.

@fonv I would go Maya - her build is awesome for elementals, which is my favorite weapon type. Thats my suggestion, i love playing as her.

Anyway you could help me get 1 character to end game? I lost all save data moving to xbox one and dont have any friends that still play but I want to play the DLC on BL2 that i never completed. Just wanna do it at end game.

xbox one - i currently have Maya lvl 32 :confused: slow leveling here. An infinity pistol or anything that might help would be super appreciated.

Ive already done maya lol and im on ps4

misread that sorry. I think my second fav is Krieg just becasue he can run and gun play style.

Because his trees are a lot of fun and his playstyle is the most unique.



And, once you get good at being fast on your feet, dodging, and finding cover, it will benefit every other character.


I find Axton a really cool character to play as. I’ve taken him to 72 3 times & op8 once. The turrets rock. With mag lock & the longbow skill & creating a distraction.

On another note, I’m certainly going to change my approach with BL3. I played Maya to begin with and while she remains far & away my fave I didn’t even try another character for months. When BL3 drops I’ll be tying out all the new VHs. If it follows the same pattern, where the level cap will be 50 for a while, there will be plenty of time to experiment. With a 50 cap that also means 1 capstone skill & about half another tree, making for more specialised builds.

I had fun with Kreig although I hardly used the action skill. Zero is awesome, but I find him challenging in that I have to really ‘play’ the game & concentrate rather than relying on BAR or gear. Good luck!

For someone that’s a Jack of all trades (no pun intended) go with Axton- using his turrets to maximal effect requires a bit of strategy, which can be a welcome change of pace. For really specialized mayhem, try Zero. Wheteher melee or gun, Zero can cause hellacious amounts of damage- if you learn his strengths and weakness. Definitely a glass cannon but when done right he can take out raid bosses with surprising ease…

Krieg. Because he is crazy fun (literally). From powerful melee to melting things with fire there is never a dull moment with him.

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I’d usually just say pick who ever you think you’d like the most because that’s mostly all there is to it. I’ll go a bit further this time however and ask who are you looking forward to playing the most and what are your expectations of them?

ive played all of them enough that i know there play styles with the exception of the mechromancer which ive never played. just didnt know which too do next haha.

Went with zero and im doing a melee focused build, lvl 22 atm.

Oh, alright then. [quote=“fonv, post:11, topic:1554688”]
Went with zero and im doing a melee focused build, lvl 22 atm.

Zer0 is a lot of fun. My personal favorite. Going for melee is probably going to end up one of the situations why I asked for expectations eventually. Bladed weapons are forever but maylay shields or shield stripping grenades might be hiding under a rock at times while leveling up. Usually when I level up Zer0 I make him into a generalist able to use whatever he finds. You don’t necessarily need a maylay shield for melee builds until much later though.

im having tons of fun one shotting badass enemies from deception. Never really played a melee build for long but this is just insane lol

I play a run and gun Zer0.

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I recommend either Zer0 and Krieg. Zer0 is probably the hardest Vault Hunter to play effectively as but if you master him he can do crazy amounts of damage in a single bullet or blade strike. Zer0 also has the highest damage ceiling out of all the Vault Hunters to date.

Krieg is simply an unconventional fighter who foregoes cover for in-your-face fighting. If you are familiar with using Moxxi weapons on Salvador and just running around like a lunatic you will have a similar experience with a melee oriented Krieg. Granted Krieg, like Salvador, does not truly shine until UVHM, but his abilities and melee damage makes slag optional and not a requirement.

Then play Gaige for a while! :smiley: She was my last character too since I don’t normally like pet classes, but she’s been amazingly fun so far, blowing things away with 150 Anarchy stacks and just using Deathtrap as a distraction to summon to get out of tight spots.

Otherwise, Krieg, for exactly the reasons AMG_75 said.