Which version has the most players?

Xbox One
PC Steam

I know the most popular choice will be the PC version but I checked the steam charts and it seems like they only get 6000 people…that’s still alot mind you but it’s just a little underwhelming if that’s all they can get. I don’t know about PS4 or Xbox though, I hear PS4 has the most players but I don’t know for sure.

Only roughly 6-8% of sold copies were for PC, as I remember. The rest splits quiet fair to PS4 and XB1.
(As I remember this counts for UK sales only. Could be wrong though)
Since on PS4 were more copies sold + more Beta-players I´m rather sure most people are playing on the PS4.

This game is far bigger on consoles as far as I red threads & info posts through the last 2 weeks.

With these types of games it’s very easy for consoles to overwhelm PC player base simply because a lot of people own consoles to game with friends and since this is a team based game just adding it up means consoles are going to have the better time with this one by a big number.

Not to mention alot less hacking issues with consoles (aimbots and the like).

I don’t know the actual figures, but on ps4 I have never waited longer than a minute or two for matches. I’ve played and continue to play every game type (pve and pvp), and que with and without teams.


Totally agreed.
Besides some issues that appear everywhere (rubberbanding, some lag, etchy hitboxes) the XB1 experience was flawless so far. No bots, no cheaters and max. 40sec. to get into a full team.

Worst thing: Most issues seem to be Steam/Valve/Hardware related, while the mass of players frames GBX for doing a bad job. (All people I know who use Steam complain alot about this platform, I cannot speak from own experience though)

Can I get a source for that 8-10%?

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Confused me too, so I did a quick check. VGChartz has retail US sales of 54k PS4, 44K Xbox One and 21k PC, no European numbers available. Steamspy has Battleborn a bit over 100k total, but only counts public profiles. Unsure what the actual total is with all owners included.

I’ve been hearing 3%, 5%, and 10% for BB on PC. Yet no one so far has had sources for me. Steamspy, as you said, shows around 90K Owners.

Great to have some more actual numbers, even if only for US-market! Thanks for digging in the data! :heart:

To @mkilbride2599 - The 8-10% I posted earlier came from a reddit-thread which was linked in the forums - somewhere. I tried to find it again, but this week all is flooded so its nearly impossible to dig it out again.
These % are for sure already outdated (also only UK related) , so I´ll try to find & post something more actual ASAP.

I’ve googled and searched reddit. No one can link to an actual Source of these numbers, and I’m thinking it’s a lie.

I’d say PC is probably 25-30%. If we assume BB is out-selling the original Borderlands by a little bit(By Gearboxes own admission), 300kish copies should’ve sold. 100K copies have sold on PC. So 30%

Yeah, as said I did the same without luck - no need to call me liar just because the web is a pile of rumors upon rumors.

Its most possible its 25-30%, personally I really wish it to be that way, because it means a strong playersbase on all consoles.
And as said: I´ll look out for non-rumor-data in this regard and make a full report when I´ve found something.