Which Weapon & Augment are you using with new & Improved Iron Bear?

Now that IB was buffed and is now a beast , what weapon and augments are you using?

Up until this patch , I’ve always used the plain rocket pods with no augments because frankly even before the patch and on M3 they were pretty decent and well ahead of the pack of IBs other weapons. I can even argue before the patch that they were the ONLY viable IB weapons

Now after the patch, the unaugmented rocket pods are STILL the best damage and utility wise IMO, but the buffs make more of the other weapons viable too.

Right now I’m taking s break from the rocket pods and rocking dual explosive miniguns…man are they fun !!! And pretty close in DPS ro the rocket pods too.

So its dual rocket pods or dual explosive miniguns .

The patch changed things enough though that maybe something else might be better . Like I’m thinking of running one explosive and one cryo minigun. I dont think frozen enemies take double damage from explosive weapons anymore since explosive is no longer an element though .

Tip: all miniguns except (cryo augment) and regular rocket and all grenade augments are considered "normal damage ". So keep that in mind when you see the negative 50% normal damage mayhem modifier

Anyways share your opinions here and any suggestions

I can say that 2 things.
Stainless steel bear doesnt increase damage when reading all the other moze post from the numbers people. The skill is bugged. And fire rail gun is very very useful with right build especially the new class mod