Which weapon has the highest Cryo effect chance?

Taking into account effect chance and fire rate of a given weapon plus red flavour text hidden stats which one has the highest chance to freeze. i think it is the ice cream but cant actually calculate it as it only says it has a 6% per shot but im sure the red text effect adds way more

There’s a unique SMG that’s always Cryo, forgot its name, but has a high freeze chance.
Excalibastard is 100% freeze chance on crit.
And the Mining Laser, while not nescecarely cryo (it can spawn with it), if its 3 projectiles hit the target it will freeze enemies near guarantied aswell.

Also the Too Scoops that thing has amazing cryo change, not so much on card but in practice, I think its the amount of ticks it causes and the Radius it effects also helps cryo so much.

I shamefully forgot this thing, and I have 1 on 3 of my characters.

your thinking of the fridgia. and i kinda wanted a actual stat to compare but i have no idea how much the red text adds to the Frigia and the ice cream

frigidia can apply cryo quickly and consistently. if you can crit, the excalibastard will freeze in one shot guaranteed. if you turned in these missions already, a cyro snider does great as well.

A Redundant cryo T4s-r is also a good cryo weapon. Or Lazlo’s Freezeasy looks good too.

If you can get one, the absolute zero is superb.