Which weapon types only spawn at certain levels?

Hey guys, I could do with some help for something I’m working on.

I know that there are level restrictions on certain weapon types. For example, Rocket Launchers can’t spawn below Level 10 (I think), you can get a couple of weapon at Level 0 etc.

Does anyone know of, or have, a comprehensive guide on which weapons can/can’t spawn at certain levels? I also think Level may affect Rarity, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Level 1 Purple weapon.

Any help would be appreciated, ta.

DDD guide had it for a long time. Don’t know if I ported that one over.

Second batch of pearlescents and second batch of class mods. Starting at lv61 from tubbies.

I’d still be able to find it on the old forum archive right? Cheers Blut.

Thank you, that’s useful

62 actually, 10000 runs to test, never saw a level 61 class mod.


I’m not fussed about Class Mods anyway, just weapons. So Level 61 Pearls are not possible?

No, the first ones start at level 51 and can get 61.

Second pack starts at 62.

The information for weapons, at least, is in the Inside the Box article on the Loot System. I don’t remember it saying anything about level and rarity, though.

Link: http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/2013/09/inside-the-box-the-borderlands-2-loot-system/

Edit: too bad Paul cropped that spread sheet screen shot! I’m guessing it also included relics, class mods, etc.

Oh ok, that’s fine then. I went back through the Loot and Weapons Chat on the old forums but the archive didn’t exist past a certain point. So I dunno if I can find your guide.

Oh I forgot about that article, might come in handy. I’m positive the restrictions exist, I remember reading about it a long time ago on the old forums. I just don’t know if anyone made a full guide.

Yeah I have a lot of lost projects on there.

I went and looked anyway, because I was curious. Currently I have:

White: lowest level 8
Green: 10-23 @ +2; 25-31 @ +3
Blue: 13-24 @ +3/+2; 26-33 @ +4/+3; 48-52 @ +6
Purple: 22-24 @ +2/+1/+1; 28 @ +3/+2/+2

I didn’t bother looking above level 50. I’ll update if I find any other items and no-one has come up with a definitive source before then.

Are those class mods?

To be honest, I think manually checking everything would be the only way to do it unfortunately… maybe I’ll do a stupid amount of farming over the next couple of weeks. I know Rocket Launchers are the latest to start spawning, so I should only have to check up until whatever level they start at.

There’s also an added level of complexity with Level 0 weapons. I guess you can only get Level 0 Hornets, White Pistols, and Gearbox Weapons. But who knows.

I think I’ll start a few new characters, and basically record all the Weapons I find at each Level.

P.s. I know this sounds incredibly over the top, but I want precise information for the thing I’m working on :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. On a related note, I could swear I once found a level 7 green class mod, but that was after I’d got past level 8 so it might just have been the effect of the usual “at level +/-” thing. Unfortunately, it appears that I got rid of it so I can’t double-check.

RL’s start at level 10, class mods (white ones anyway) at level 8. Note that this is player/map level, so if you want to know when other items start appearing, you’d have to start a new character. One thing I did, other than seeing what I already had in my inventory, was FT around the map in NVHM to all the locations with vending machines right beside the FT station. Since the most of the maps are level-locked in NVHM, this gave quite a bit of data.

Hard to say about the class mod, seems unlikely that you could get one below Level 8. Unless it was from an unusual source.

I don’t think player level would affect it, just map/area level. So you could still find Rocket Launchers at Level 1 as long as you were far enough into the game.

I’ll make a few new characters and check

Edit: but the Rocket Launchers themselves would be Level 10

Don’t forget that in Normal mode, there can be a range of levels for a map depending on player level when they first enter.