Which Weapons to Shock/Ignite yourself?

searching for a Weapon to shock/ignite myself i checked my whole Items but none of them
gives me the Effect.
So which Weapons are useful here?

Burning Alchemist

Low level Sellout for fire/corrosive.

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The alchemist will shock you when firing, but will not ignite you.
The Pain is Power COV assault rifle will ignite you when it breaks.
Now, if you want something that will shock you and ignite you at the same time, you are out of luck. Perhaps in the future they may make something that does that, perhaps a Maliwan weapon.
The best i can suggest for you at this time would be the Shrieking Devil. A Maliwan Shotgun that drops from the Blinding Banshee. You can get the Shrieking Devil in any 2 elements and when fired, a 360 degree blast radiates from you for a short distance. But it does self damage and therefore can shock or ignite you. Perfect for Elemental Projector builds.

Embrace the Pain and Pain is Power are both COV rifles that ignite the player.
You could use something like a Trevonator and just shoot at your feet. Might be a bit too much damage, I just downed myself trying.

Thx, i´m searching Weapons for an Elemental Projector Build.
Non eof the Weapons you Guys called do i posess, exept a Trevonator, but it won´t set an Effect on me.
I build a second Char and farm the Shrieking Devil.
In a Low Level Version it might be great.

Are you a siren? Use the spiritual driver com.:smiley:

Sure thing, no problem. It might take a little bit to get it in the elements you want, but there is definitely a shock/fire version. And with the new hotfix, you might be able to snag one with a good annoitment on it.
Happy Hunting!!

It’s not a Driver Build.

I haven’t tested this myself, but I’ve seen people use a shock tediore gun they reload at their feet to heal with a Transformer shield.

i switched back to a phasecast build a few days ago using a 250 Maggie and cutsman and the damage is amazing! I don’t feel the need for an elemental projector. :joy:

The Trevonator will set an effect on you. You have to shoot the ground in front of you for splash damage. Some people use a shock version with the Transformer for constant shield regen.
Both COV rifles drop from Hot Karl, the Target of Opportunity right outside Roland’s rest. You could farm one of them there.

The Alchemist will shock you as you fire it and you can shoot it at your feet to get lit on fire. Both elements without having to switch modes.

Heckle and Hyde in Eden 6 are the dedicated drop for these.

I’ve tried to make a few projector builds with fl4k but the main issue with embrace the pain and pain is power is that after switching to another gun the fire stops, and that gun ain’t gonna roll with a splash damage anointment.
Still probably one of the easiest self damage weapons to control and utilize.

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I know I’ve used the westergun to set myself on fire shooting at my feet and I believe it can be any element. Not sure how the shock would work but I think it would in theory.

If your playing amara you can use a fire sellout and put 1 point into infusion then use the base shock as your action skill element. You will shock and ignite yourself at the same time. You can accomplish the same thing with anointments, but sellout is basically the best gun for applying status effects to yourself.