Which weapons would you like to see Gearbox buff and why?

Hey y’all!

With season 2 upon us and a new patch with 10 or so weapon buffs, I’d like to ask all of you what weapons do you want to see buffed in the future and why?

Alchemist - I always enjoyed using this gun early on but its damage has fallen off significantly. It would be nice to see it buffed.

Baby Maker - A returning classic that I wish packed a lot more of a punch.

Bitch - Another classic. I’d like to see the damage and crit damage buffed.

Conference Call - A classic returning from BL2 that doesn’t currently pack the same punch as it once had. I would ideally like to see a large damage buff in order to make it viable for mobbing and bossing alike.

Crossroad - This gun once was one of the best SMGs in the game before it was nerfed and before its damage dropped off of a cliff. It would be nice to see it reverted to its pre-nerf state as well as having a nice damage increase.

Cutsman - Another SMG that used to be very powerful but now seems outclassed by many other options. It would be nice to buff it and make it competitive once again.

Devastator - I love how this pistol looks and how it feels but I wish its damage would live up to its great design.

Heartbreaker - Another classic Hyperion shotgun from BL2. It would be nice to be able to have this as an alternative and viable healing option, which would help diversify builds for characters like Amara.

King’s/ Queens Call - This weapon is still pretty good if used on the right build but I feel it could still use a damage buff and perhaps reducing shots consumed from 3 to 2 in order to make it less tedious to use for non-Flak players.

Kyb’s Worth - I love how this weapon shoots, however, it’s damage has fallen off a bit as of writing this. I feel the Takedown weapons should not only be viable but competitive in the meta in order to make playing the Takedowns more worthwhile.

Linoge - This little pistol used to be great but has since fallen off and is now significantly outclassed by pistols like the Lightshow. It would be nice to see this gun return to glory.

Lucian’s Call - A favorite of many players that hasn’t held up well over time. A buff for it would be nice.

Lyuda - It once was top tier at the start of the game and even survived a fairly large nerf to its damage. I would love to see this gun made back into a boss killer once again.

Malak’s Bane - I’ve never liked this gun but it seems to be my most common world drop. If it’s going to drop so often it would be nice to make it not terrible.

Moonfire - Same thing as the Kyb’s Worth, it’s a takedown weapon and should be treated as such.

Occultist - This gun is very cool but doesn’t seem to pack much of a punch. It would be nice to buff its damage or perhaps give it very high elemental effect damage.

Ripper - I really like the concept of this gun but it just falls way too short on damage output. I would buff its damage as well as its melee damage in order to make it fun and viable alternative to the facepuncher and psycho stabber.

Roisen’s Thorns - Ever since I got my first one of these at the start of the game I have loved it. It has an incredible skin and feels very good with the exception of its very poor damage. I would love for this to get a sizeable buff in the future.

Rowan’s Call - Another great gun early in this games lifecycle. It would be nice to increase its damage and make it more viable.

Sledge’s Shotgun - An all time Borderlands classic that should be treated as such. Buff its damage.

The Butcher - I love this gun but it doesn’t seem to hit very hard, which is unfortunate. Buffing its damage would be cool, Gearbox.

This is my current list of weapons I would like to see buffed. I will probably update it every so often if I feel so inclined. Please post the weapons you would like to see buffed down below!

I would like to see gearbox nerf all legendaries than buff all weapon types to the same amount they nerfed the legendaries that includes the legendaries they nerfed


What gun fixes game bugs?


I would like to see the Kill o the Wisp performing better. It’s such a unique gun but even with the perfect anointment it feels weak.


A unique legendary called wishfull thinking


Best red text as well… “Only in your wildest dreams


ATLAS needs buffs across the board, because the guns take too long to use to be useful.
Step 1: Switch to tracking whatever mode
Step 2: Shoot enemy with tracker
Step 3: Hold down trigger and dodge as best you can
Step 4: get surrounded by other enemies while you’re still working on the first one.

They need to do away with steps one and two for these guns to be at all useful, or make them do TONS more damage when homing onto a tracking dart… like more than the penetration bonus you get for stickies on Torgue.


Yeah, I definitely agree.

Would like to see them buff the text size, especially in split screen mode. Why, because you shouldn’t have to sit 1 foot away from a television to read what it says.


Hey out of curiosity not trying to have a go at you or start a fight but what’s your screen size if you don’t mind please

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No worries, 65 inches.

Dang pretty sure that’s huge lol I run my console on a 50 something inch sadly these days we have to step on glass lol as just asking an honest question can be considered bad lol

No problem. Yeah its pretty sad that I have a screen this big and yet have to get up and walk to look at the text.

I mean my screen is huge yours must be the satisfier rofl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Extreme Hanging Chad… it’s my favourite Blue rarity, and it can’t be anointed ;( so it’s useless

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So like I suggested lol :wink:

I would like to see a lot of the uniques buffed and made viable, honestly.


The Bearcat.

This weapon has been absolute junk for about a decade at this point. I think it finally deserves some time in the spotlight


Buff? 40000%?

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Yeah, I also had high for it at the start of the game and was very sad to see that it was performing as well as its its BL2 form did.