Which Zarpedon drops the Heads?

I know Ascended Zarp drops legendary skins, because i just got one. No matter how many guides i look at, no one has ever managed to say which zarpedon drops the Heads. Is it Powersuit or Ascended?

haha you reminded me of the time my co-op partner and i got the legendary gladiator skin off of Zarpaderp and she sold all her inventory that wasnt starred, then left the area… needless to say it disappeared. oddly enuf the next time we went to kill Zarpaderp she dropped the lawbringer skin. i didnt let her touch it!

on topic: no idea, never seen her drop any heads, but then again i wasnt aware she dropped skins either. tho i got lucky once and she dropped a ZX-1 and a Prismatic Bulwark during the same fight!