While action skill active constantly trigger novas, nova damage type?

I know the novas from stinger shield are melee, but I cannot find anything about the novas in this weapon or shield anointment. For example, if the facepuncher has this anoint “while action skill active constantly trigger novas”, what kind of damage is that nova? Same question about the same anoint, but on a shield. Does it count as melee damage, does it proc other melee related effects?


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The Stinger shield nova damage will match the element the shield is resistant to, if not has no resistance it deals kinetic damage.

As for the nova anoint, I think it will deal normal splash damage and should get boosted by splash/AoE bonuses.

Edit: I know there used to be some silliness with the Frozen Heart nova and I believe the Phasegrasp nova anoint. I’m not sure if this even still works or if it works with any other shields.


The Nova Anointment while Action Skill Active is a Weapon Based Anointment that does a Fire Type Splash Damage Nova. This is effected by anything relating to splash and AoE damage.

As far as I’m aware, that Nova anointment did not come on Shields in a legit way, but they could have broken that at some point. The anointment itself should be hardlocked to be fire.

However, a few Nova anointments exist like “on action skill start” which will use the shields nova or elemental properties if it has any, as well as Amara’s specific “nova while phase grasping”.

Actually, never tested whether the black hole did that…I would assume that’s not actually tied to the nova though.