'While action skill is active' anointments glitched: can be always online

So, Moxsy just released a video where he got infinite novas using the ‘While Phasegrasp is active, Amara constantly triggers novas that deal 3718 damage’ anointment (which can be seen here)

Now I just tested this with the ‘While SNTNL is active, gain 50% Cryo damage’ anointment, and it seems to work the same way.

How to get it to work:

  1. Activate your action skill while having the item with the right anointment equipped.
  2. Fast travel to another location, before the action skill wears out.
  3. Now you have your anointment permanently active, even when you die or fast travel.

You can now even swap out your action skill, and still have it active.

Now, my guess is this works the same way for all ‘While skill is active’ anointments, but have only been able to test it with Zane anointments.

So once again moze is left out :frowning: i have a feeling it’ll also work with fl4ks gamma burst annointments - adding to fadeaway shenanigans;
All vault hunters should have an on “Action Skill Start” annointment; in other words, they all need a little AS… :wink:

I hate when things like this happen because in matchmaking this usually glitches other people out.
On top of that integrity and all the mumbo-jumbo.

With the right Zane build you can have action skill up all the time anyway, no need to glitch.


Yes of course, I just wanted to mention this probably works for all similar anointments :wink:

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Still, you could trigger ‘bonus cryo with STNL’ fast travel and switch back to barrier/clone. So benefitting from STNL’s best augment, while also using barrier and cloneswap augment

Zane can’t really make much use of it. Item swap cancels it.
Zane’s best annointments are on weapons and you won’t be able to change them. You could have snapshot 50% cold and then switch to Drone/Clone for ASE on shield/grenade to have Clone/Drone as low cooldown skills for ASE, if you do not have Clone Swap/ASE weapons which should perform similar anyway.

Yeah, I tried it out just now. And I haven’t gotten the barrier anoint to work at all. Nor the speed with STNL for the shield.
Not that Zane needed anything broken, but it was fun meddling with things.