"while airborne" anointment: yay or nay?

I have to admit that I don’t get this anointment. When I see this on a weapon I immediately equate the weapon to having no anointment at all. I haven’t leveled Zane so is this something useful to Zane or am I missing something with other classes where this would be remotely useful or desired? It just seems really bad.


I love getting a damage bonus while being in the air (hardcore Death from Above and Smite player from franchises past). It depends on the anointment though - I prefer crit damage, for example, over, say, ‘accuracy and handling’ or fire rate. It’s just something I like to do in the game.

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With so many better anointments, especially for Zane, big no for me. Sure if you jump a lot it can work but having it in the pool of anointments means less chance of getting a great one.

Edit: Plus it drops on the Dictator which is pretty funny

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I’d call it a second tier anoint. The damage multiplier is by itself in the formula which is great and the activation isn’t tied to ASE which helps Moze and Zane.

The issue however is that the number is too small and so it won’t compete with things like a splash anoint.

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I find that the bonuses are too small to matter for the amount of time you could generally benefit from them.

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That anoint, you have to be in the air when firing and impact right? I tried with an ion cannon and was disappointed.

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in air annointments are great especially accuracy one they are just ruined and rendered useless by other major damage buffs every character has for either being in AS or exiting AS.

It’s a “nay” for me. Mostly worthless.

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It’s not good enough to me to warrant diluting the loot pool further, so I say ‘nay’. I do have an ‘airborne’ shock Cutsman that is very handy for the Wotan fight from the platforms, but other than that I’m usually not hopping or airborne a lot when fighting.

theres a few " anointments " that are a huge joke.
im not sure why they were even added into the random pool,
or if the end effects were even considered or well thought out.

get more damage while sliding…yeahhhhh…no.
one of my favs is faster reloading on a Vladoff infinity pistol…LOL