While AS is active anoints useless for Moze

I was told by many on Reddit that this “while action skill is active, do 200% weapon damage” are useless cause apparently Sentry Bear does not count as ASE so there really isn’t much point in specking into this skill or have a class mod that does the same. Gearbox, please fix this. I don’t know if this was intentional by the devs or if it is a glitch, but it needs to be fixed to help better with Moze Builds. I hope the 4th Skill Tree for Mini Iron Bear doesn’t have this same issue.

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Auto bear only activates once Moze exits Iron Bear. Exiting Iron Bear ends the action skill. It is intentional.

Iron cub doesn’t involve getting in or out of IB, just summoning it. So it shouldn’t have this issue.

Oh then if it was intentional then it needs to be reworked cause getting out of IB early while having 1/3 of my fuel left, that should still count as ASA so that anointment can be used.

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It would be great if possible and even make IB more OP.

Yeah, that anointment needs to be applied to Moze and the way to do that is make IB active when gotten out early.

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Or just use a different annointment that fits your build? ASA annoints work best on Zane, who struggles making use of ASE annoints since his action skills are almost always up.