While I applaud many of the changes that have come to the game, we need fixes

With the latest Patch / DLC (+ Hotfix), I have to say that I’m pleased with where a good number of things are in the game.

But, there are still a fair number of things that need addressed, and Arms Race is high among the list.

  • Arms Race - The Start

Ok, let’s take this from the top. There needs to be Ammo Replenishment in the starting room. It doesn’t matter if I died, or just completed Arms Race, when I load back into the starting room, I should be able to get my Ammo and Grenades back to full.

  • Arms Race - The Starting Weaponry.

One thing that Arms Race has laid bare, is that there are quite a few base gun types in the game, that are just awful. You can load in, wait 10 seconds, drop down, open the first chest, and just by looking at the starting gear, realize that you should just save, quit, and try again.

  • Arms Race - The DLC Drops

Listen. I get that not all drops are made equal, but I swear to god if I go to the Firefly / Res chests again, and get FOUR FREAKING RES out of two chests, I’m going to find a way to hack the code, and tear that phoenix out of the sky.

Further? I’m not sure that I agree with the fact that the DLC drops are not usable in the DLC. When I first loaded in, and got one, I thought "OH! I have to extract it, and claim it, and then I’ll be able to use them in Arms Race!

No. That’s not how that works. and, that works to the disadvantage of the game mode. I’ve got a pretty awesome X2 Critical Thug with Cosecutive Hits. I have zero reason to ever go back to that part of the map, knowing that I have a serious chance that my Red Chests that I get for completing that zone are going to be TERRIBLE for me.

  • Arms Race - The Revenants

I don’t hate them. They’re annoying. They’re, again, not fun enemies (cough cough anointed cough cough) but if they stay in the game, that’s fine.
But what needs to happen, is to enforce a barrier around the bosses entrance, where they can’t spawn. If you drag them there, fine, but again, they shouldn’t be able to spawn as I"m dropping down the hole to fight the boss. That’s just ridiculous.

  • New Anoints

Come on. This is ridiculous. These new anoints are 100% TRASH. You could have covered all of the Action Skill Damage with a singular
“Increases Action Skill Damage”
Instead of giving us a ton of new “While blah blah blah is active, increase gun damage by 100%” anoints, you could have just fixed action skill active 200% so that it works when swapping guns.
The Anoints do not add immersion to the game. They further serve to muddy an anoint pool that could already stand to lose all of the following anoints:

  • Phasecast Status Effect Chance
  • Siren 40% Radiation
  • Phasegrasp Charge Time / Fire Rate
  • Phaseslam Damage Reduction (Shield Anoint)
  • Attack Command Lifesteal
  • Attack Command Movement Speed
  • Fade Away Accuracy and Handling
  • Iron Bear Exit Reload and Handling
  • Auto Bear Incendiary Damage
  • Iron Bear Cooldown (Spec into it. No one wants it on a gun, or shield)
  • Digi-Clone Regen Ammo
  • Barrier Status Effect
  • SNTL Fire Rate and Reload
  • Barrier is activated Start Recharge (Shield)
  • ASE Life Steal
  • ASE Status Effect
  • ASE Action Skill Cooldown
  • 5% Weapon Damage on Kill
  • 25% health 50% Damage
  • ASA 75% Badass
  • Elemental Crits, Novas
  • Action Skill Start- Regen a Grenade

Hell, If getting rid of these, plus the new anoints, meant that M8+ wasn’t “guaranteed” to drop Anoints anymore, I’d probably even be ok with that. Because at least then, I’d know garbage from far away, and wouldn’t waste my time.

  • Last thing, in my Novel. I promise, I’m almost done

My final thing that needs improving, is one last thing about Arms Race. I don’t hate the game mode. It’s interesting, it’s refreshing, there is a real sense that I could die. I’m ok with that, when it isn’t BS RNG based on the gear in the starting chest.

But, It doesn’t matter who I play Arms Race on. You’ve taken the signature part of the character, and you’ve removed it. This is a First Person Perspective Game. I don’t stare at my character while I’m playing. I see arms, I hear a voice.

There is nothing about my character choice that matters in Arms Race.
There is nothing about my time playing Borderlands 3 that matters in Arms Race.And, to an extent, I do understand why you did that.

to an extent <- Those are the key words in that previous sentence.

But, that does come at a large detriment to the experience. My loot chances don’t change. My anoints don’t get weighted, my start doesn’t vary, nothing changes, based on what vault hunter I play on, in Arms Race.

That is going to get old. The shine on that new penny is going to wear off. I’ve played long enough that I’ve amassed amazing gear, an expert level of knowledge about my main Vault Hunter, and a 550+ Guardian Rank.
And none of that matters at all.

Maybe it will wear off when I’ve extracted the perfect version of the new gear for Moze (my main) Maybe It’ll wear off when I’ve picked up a few choice pieces for the other Vault Hunters. If I’m being honest, I don’t know if it’s going to last that long, but it might hold out that long.

I’m going to tire of this game mode, because It has zero connection to the time and effort that I’ve put into the game in any other fashion.

  • Bonus

If I were to rank the content that you have released for Borderlands 3 (both free, and paid) I’d say:

  1. Bounty of Blood.
    Great story, great loot, good time.

  2. Cartel Event
    Gorgeous freaking map. Amazing loot. Engaging Fights (if you aren’t overgeared) I would pay you money right now to put this in the game, and allow me to spend eridium to go back whenever I wanted.

  3. Handsome Jackpot
    I don’t miss Jack. I know some people do. But I don’t. I enjoyed the Jackpot, because damn that was a good time.

  4. Maliwan Takedown
    I do wish we had traditional Borderlands Style Raid Bosses, but I do love the Maliwan Takedown. Great Map, Good Challenge.

  5. Heck
    Another year, another round of no Vindicator Ghast Call. I feel like the event was better this year, than last.

  6. Love Guns & Tentacle
    I enjoy the story. I enjoy parts of the area. But I hate the town. I hate Mancubus, I hate the final boss fight. I go back from time to time, but it’s generally the DLC I play the least, at this point.

  7. Arms Race DLC

  8. Psycho Krieg DLC
    Man… I loved the playthrough. But I hate the lack of replayability. The boss fights are stupidly broken up by immunity phases, they have entirely too much health, there aren’t nearly enough fast travel stations, the loot drops are laughably bad (the gear is good, the drop rates are trash). There is no part of this DLC that will ever get me to go back, at this point. It’s not fun to farm it.

  9. The Flakker Nerf (just wait, you’ll understand)

  10. Mayhem 2.0, and the month of a broken Moze (I promise, this will make sense)

  11. Iron Cub not getting Mayhem Scaling

  12. Mayhem 4 (talk about another train wreck on release)

  13. The random glitches when I load into The Anvil and have to hear about fingerbiting

  14. The Hotfix that broke projectile bouncing and the recursion

  15. Guardian Takedown. (Do you see now?)
    This is, without a doubt, the single worst piece of content released for a Borderlands Game. The Crystal Fights are terrible. The low grav bouncing that the guardians are able to do to characters is nauseating. The loot isn’t even good enough to make me want to farm this. I completed it exactly one time, and I have not been back, and at this point have no intention of ever going back.


where is my auto bear ammo regen

It was great for all players the last week and a half of it,… lol

Right before:

The new anointments are so infuriating at this point, it is like they have no idea what we want or maybe they want us farming forever for a decent anointment. I play moze but i hardly use bear and now all I get are the anointments that boost IB weapons, seriously we did not need so many anointments and certainly do not need damage boosts for bear surely.

Added: In arms race, although its decently fun but i feel like the drop rates are quite low, except for the res and the grail. With the new anointments muddying the waters you need so many runs to get an item you want. There is no pay off for mobbing as you almost never get drops. The revenants being so tough and more often than not I don’t get a single drop from them, not even a white. It feels bare bones I hope they do add to it but I actually doubt they will.


Having completed guardian takedown and the Krieg DLC, I agree with what you’ve said, except for replayability.

I’d sooner farm guardian takedown than I would farm the Krieg bosses. At least the bosses in the takedown are somewhat interesting. I enjoyed the content more in Krieg (the story was pretty well written IMO), but the actual boss fights are not.

I say this as someone who can beat GT on M11 solo (but not true takedown) and has beaten all the bosses in the DLC at the same M11 (so an even comparison).

I think most of them need about 1/2 the health they have. As it is, I mostly just stand there and shoot them…no real need to move around or do anything. On the final Krieg boss, I also use a cutpurse and face puncher to regen ammo because otherwise I run out of at least 4 full types of ammo. That’s not hard or fun, it’s just time consuming, and it consumes enough of my time (without being interesting) that it is not worth my time.


ok did not read it all but for starter
leave my elemental crit nova alone or else…


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Literally one of only 2 useful shield anoints Moze has. This is a popular anoint with Moze players. And actually is very strong at what it does. It could stand to be removed from weapons I think, I don’t believe anyone uses it on a weapon.

People use these they have their purposes that are useful.

Actually good anoints especially the elemental crit. Maybe not for every character or build but they are worth having. I particularly like and make good use of the status crit nova.

The rest of your list is ok meh or redundant anoints.

You get your ammo SDUs, yay.

In the recent fix, his hp at mayhem 10 is so high apparently, that one of the IC build videos on youtube straight-up tells you to not bother with armorstealing skills. Seems they’ve gone over the other end.

What baffles me is that they trimmed the number of anointments like one patch ago…
It’s like the game was a carriage pulled by four horses that go in four different directions…
We were happy to have less anointments and -bam!- now there are more than before…
Maybe too few of them reduced farming times too much according to their collected data, I don’t know… But it seems ridiculous…

If they think that too few anoints reduced farming times too much, they clearly haven’t gone after a Kaoson, Blood Starved Beast, or a few other legendaries that have parts, elements, AND anionts.

It’s infuriating.

Toss in Arms Race, and… Well, I’ve given up on quite a bit.

I think so too. It seems no one is in overall charge of the game and the changes they make.