"While Sliding..." "While airborne.."

Does anyone actually utilize these anointments with any regularity. Because those 2 annoy me the most when i find them.


I was using while airborne on corrosive Cutsman, due to lack of better option. This two should be combined into one bonus.


delete them^^


while airborne works when jumping

while sliding is pretty niche (useless for most maliwan) there’s a few builds that can use this… but again, niche.


hopp hopp hopp :3
who wants to play like that?


you’d be suprised :wink:

but yeah, it kinda dilutes the lootpool even further with niche crap.


I’m constantly spamming the space bar anyways, but I don’t use that anoint so it doesn’t make a difference

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I never understood the design behind these. I mean, if they are such a pain/niche to use wouldn’t it make more sense for them to be extremely strong to offset that? Yet, they are both weak and not really viable in real combat/gameplay.


If anything, the
“while sliding…” should significantly extend your sliding ability by 3x
“while airborne…” should make your jumping either higher or have some effect on your gravity to make it usable.


Y’all don’t like to slide and snipe? The monocle with slide anoint. LoL

My favorite is slide anointed guns with projectiles so slow you kill yourself. That’s always super useful.


I strafe and jump by default. It is very hard to take damage, excessive damage, if you are moving in all directions

Eg. As a COV BA aims a rocket at you you can jump and they fire it at your original position. Jump over the rocket.

You should incorporate jump as a way throw off A.I auto aim in every respect. After learning the manoeuvre shot guns with while air born anoints are lethal in the right hands. Eg an Insider while air born +30% damage

If anyone has ever spectated/watched a Quake 3 arena A.I aim down a player… With increased A.I difficulty they lock on to you every ~0.5 of a second. On easy the A.I locks onto players every ~1 second.

You should be changing position slightly every fraction of a second horizontal and verticle.

Take it from a seasoned FPS player. Jump isn’t solely for getting over terrain


All of this is true, but the fact is that 3 out of 4 vault hunters can quite easily get pretty much constant uptime on a “+100% damage after action skill” anoint (or something similar), making the jumping and sliding ones obsolete. I guess they’re better than nothing until you find a good anointment.


That’s the idea. Technically if a weapon doesn’t have your desired anoint its junk, if its of useful damage with respectable handling but no anoint - that’s your placeholder until you roll a keeper for life.

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Those anoints are ridiculous. Since the April 30 patch, I have been farming a few different bosses. The drop rates for Eista have been good. After 30 farms, I got 5 Skullmashers and 2 Cocky Bastards. All 7 of them had either the While Airborne, or While Sliding anoint.

So, I decided to go farm Fungal Gorger for the Mutant. 10 runs and I got 4 Mutants. 3 of them had these 2 anoints. The 4th had a good anoint

Does anyone actually use the anoints that reload your weapon? I constantly get the one when playing Zane that reloads your weapon on clone swap and I just can’t figure out why anyone would use that instead of an anoint that boosts your damage.

I could see that being useful on something with big damage and a long load time like some of the heavy weapons.

But to be honest I don’t usually use heavy weapons, so I don’t personally use it.

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I had an idea that didn’t get a lot of interest that they could do to fix some of the lesser used items, specifically these anointments and melee.

These are just something to dilute the anointements pool. The game is not built to make real use of those anointments. It should be removed. Only a gimmick… Like slam. I hate slam achievements as slam does no damage even in M0. Maybe if increase the damage by 1000% then maybe, just maybe slam will be something to consider. Besides… slam perks are dumb, … most of it.

The problem is also that there is no anointment filter management in place. This is why you get next magazine on infinity or airborn on slow charging weapons. Besides, slide and airborne should be so much stronger to consider .While 200% During action Skill is not working, 2 shots maybe and foes are still in the phasegrasp. So bad…

I always thought the “while airborne” annoitment was in anticipation of low gravity (Elpis?) DLC coming. I mean, we did get some low gravity section areas in DLC1, but I guess I was wrong… just made a lot of sense at the time

Yep. Combining both would be a good idea with so many new anointments in the loot pool.

There are a few people who use them. NOLA ftw on YT was using weapons with airborne and sliding anointments on their takedown speedruns.