Whirlpool Mad Mike?

I can’t believe I just thought of this… has anyone thrown Mad Mike into the whirlpool before?


No but I’m gonna try now that u mentioned it.

That could work because, if you retreat back downstairs (or die :frowning: ) he’ll often hang out on the upper bridge. You’d need a well-placed singularity, but it’s not - in theory - any different from completing the whirlpool map challenge. Well, other than he’s shooting at you with a RL and is probably heavier than any of the other badass nomads/enforcers in that area.

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My thought was to have a non melee Zer0 sneak up and just execute him off, but obviously any way you can get it to work would be neat!

Excellent idea. Possibly utilizing a singularity modded grenade. I’m going to give it a whirl and check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. Please check out my ‘Teabagging Geary’ post. Hope you like it. The main point is at the end sorry for the rambling stuff in the beginning, I just wanted to give a history on what led to my discovery.

Please check out my new Teabagging Geary post!

I just got Mad Mike to drink out of the toilet, then I was robbed, the sneaky sucker, jumped out of the water and back onto the land. I accomplished this by luring him down to the lower level when he was reloading and throwing grenades and once I had him down there taking cover behind various objects to avoid the rockets until I was able to place a slagged singularity grenades in the shallows of the whirlpool near his feet. I guess he utilizedid the same exploit as the grenades ability to find footing in the undertow. Bummer. Maybe if I had thrown a second grenade towards the center he would have finally perished in the filthy malestrom.