Whiskey and his legend

Got his legendary and am getting more and more impressed by it the more I turn it on. His legend doesn’t add anything special to any skills but damn that effect if you can trigger it makes whiskeys legend equal to 2 epics basically. Majorly impressive for a character legendary.

How does everyone else feel about it? What other types of gear do you like to load up whiskey on? I was trying the symbiotic gauntlet and his legend with him when taking killer regen but have been toying around with the anti motion brace and his legend at the moment

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I’m struggling with that too right now. My symbiotic isn’t a great roll. I had been using mini-singularity but wanted more damage. I’ve also tried vigilant power Scouter and some other things.

I think the bottom line is that he’s a really versatile character and you can take him different directions.

I have always preffered to avoid gear that gives slows. I am also not gonna lie I am not the best player to pull off crits so I would def not be able to capitalize on the scouter over say a straight dam boost. Kinda been one of my main concerns playing him as everyone says he is a crit machine but he just plays crazy enjoyably. I so far like my anti motion brace with his legendary for its combo of making whiskeys rifle super buffed but I my other options are fairly limited atm

I get more crits with him than anyone else, but most others I don’t crit much at all, so I’m with you. But if you aren’t focused on crits, why the brace? I’d think the principal benefit would be getting crits.

Well I suppose part of it is just that I like no recoil?

There’s kind of psychological factor to it for me almost like a placebo effect. I can crit but I feel like with the way everyone is talking I am sub par. I am still relatively new to Whiskey and still trying to sort out how to play him as I feel like I may have been making helix choices that might not have suited me personally. I am finding the ranged scope to be amazing with all the no recoil I can get from it not to mention the recoil helps with the ult a bit

I still plan on tweaking legends builds with him. Tried oath of the sustained to compliment killer regen and
Symbiotic gauntlet once to see how much fun that was :slight_smile:

I like bunker buster If I think there Will be a s&a ord klesse and then spec into shield pen. Otherwise fire rate or attack damage. Im thinking If I should go with bola target finder with him also

Bunker buster does seem amazing on him. I keep getting matches where there is a Kleese and either shayne or Toby so at lvl 10 I get to play with the 100 percent shield pen which is amazing.

Bolas target finder is interesting. Never thought of stacking skill damage but bolas target finder with Swiss cheese seems good. It does feel a little lacking for say your sticky bomb tho.

I am embarrassed to ask this but skill damage does not affect things like napalm right?

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I have no idea about the napalm damage sorry :sweat_smile:

Lol no worries I always assumed that skill dam never affected stuff like napalm. If it did I would definetly consider bolas

I always assumed it did but haven’t checked. I’ve played with Bunker Buster as well, but since I started using duct-taped mags, it seemed like a less useful pick just to have it at level 10.

Oh man now I really want to know about the skill damage affecting napalm and fragcendiary. I assumed it didn’t considering how cleanly the damage over this many seconds ticks at

Bunker buster seemed fun but I am always super on the fence about shield pen so I usually don’t try it. Duct tape mags and the shield pen is a difficult decision when I hit that level usually

I stopped stacking up on reload speeds and recoil gear after testing out Atk speed and I just have to say damn…It’s really great for foxtrot since he barely has any recoil (main reason i stopped using it) and his duct tape mags along with his legendary already give him faster reload speeds.

My current setup for him:
.0 cost shard generater, 2.10% shards per second with 14% less heal power (doesn’t affect his health regen helix)
.Vow of Zealous Fury
.Galahadric Gun Grease

He’ll start to shoot faster than anyone else’s gun. Since you have faster atk speed you’ll also be able to land crit faster because the projectiles now travel at a faster rate making it hard for players to dodge them. This also affects his Overdrive Ultimate but I’m not sure about his sticky nades or scrap cannon, never really paid attention to those.

Does AS Affect his burst fire speed or does it affect how often you can pull the trigger?

I have a VoZF but I don’t play it with anybody as I don’t know how long it takes for stacks to decay(or if it decays one at a time or all at once) which has really put me off on it as well as trying to manage keeping the stacks from decaying i.e. Cycling thru my skills. But i should probably take it for a spin. Sounds loads of fun!

It affects his burst speed but since the bullets come out faster you can now also pull the trigger faster, think of it as a Jakobs gun now. Also the stacks don’t go away until you die, I know this because there have been times where I just kept shooting really fast and kept that effect for longer than 4 minutes. It probably does decay but not for a long while xD. Also I’ve tested it out when I died, I just check the difference before and after death but the buff from his legendary doesn’t seem to go away.

NOTE : I don’t use the red dot scope becuase it just makes him a CQB guy such as Ghalt and whiskey wasn’t meant for upclose battles. I always go for the acog as it increases accuracy and is even more powerful with the atk speed setup.

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Ooooooh well I will def give it a shot. I think part of the issue stems from playing the baroness in the pre sequel and using Avalanche so without being able to know for certain how long it takes for vows stacks to fade it has really put me off

I am still kinda really on the fence about accuracy scope versus speed scope. I really like both of them but have been doing accuracy scope. Although, the other scope feels nicer for his ult

It’s best to stick with the accuracy scope. I can explain in detail on why it is superior to the speed scope but it’ll just be very long and I don’t really want to type it all out xD.

I don’t have VZF, but was thinking I might give Arcynorr a try. No idea how long those stacks last. Still need a zero-cost shard gen that isn’t -reload.

Holy crap man I played a few rounds with VoZF and gun grease… That is a fun legendary combo. Your gun feels totally amazing and burly at level 7 with duct tape mags. Thanks for turning me on to it

I face a different problem. My trigger finger has a maximum response speed. Increased attack speed is good for when i take the four round burst. The one i’ve been using that I really dig is Vigilant Power Scouter. Whiskey’s critical damage is underrated. If you can line up successive critical bursts you will rip people apart.