Whiskey feedback

I’ve been playing allot of WF recently and thought of sharing some feedback considering the bad attitude players tend to have toward him.

Primary attack: Tactical rifle
Damage- his damage is in good and balanced place, nothing more.
Reload- a little long but that’s about it.
Recoil- I really think the recoil on his gun is too high and makes it hard to enjoy his virtually high DPS. Probably one of the reasons for the hate he gets…
Also, ALLOW US TO HOLD R2. I don’t see any good reason for why we can’t do that, and it’s not only a quality of life issue, on my PS4 controller because i need to constantly press R2 sometimes the game doesn’t react properly and I end up not shooting at all. Probably another reason for all the hate.

Secondary: ADS
Not much to say about this.

Passive: combat rhythm
I enjoy this passive especially with it’s helix augment, works well and balanced.

Ability: Scrap cannon
The aiming of this skill is really weird, the shot seems to fire from underneath but the cross-hair remain the same like you are shooting normally. You can get used to it but I don’t see why the cross-hair can’t change a little to fit the skill upon activation.

Ability: Sticky bomb
I don’t get most of the bad feedback toward this skill, it does good damage and isn’t that hard to aim. Maybe increase the initial projectile velocity making it easier to hit on moving targets.

Ultimate: Overdrive
Either get rid of the animation or shorten it, I usually activate it in the heat of the battle when i see some week enemy’s that i can take out easily. Sadly, by the time it finishes the animation most of them have already re-positioned or ran away and i lost my chance.
In 1v1 it’s even worse, by the time the animation ends the enemy sometimes already killed me (since i activated it to try and save myself) or dealt great damage to me, honestly it feels like I’m silencing myself. Moreover, by the time the animation ends I’ll might get cc’d out of it and that is annoying on every character.
Also, it feels kind of boring, like a DPS boost and not an ULTIMATE like Isic’s turret mode or Oscar’s air strike. Maybe reduce duration but make it similar to Nisha’s showdown in which you get a short five seconds window to shoot down enemies with precise accuracy and high damage (without auto aim obviously).

WF is a very good characters if he’s well played ! (I’m mastered him just today)
mmmhh his weapon isn’t a automatic rifle like Mike, it shoot in “rafale” (I don’t know the word in english) when you pull the trigger it shoot 3 bullets, like the FAMAS in the real world, so it’s realistic to not hold R2

faster you pull the trigger, the faster you shoot

The term is burst fire. If you’re familiar with the Borderlands series, Dahl weapons featured this firing pattern as well: each trigger pull while aiming down the sights fired a set number of rounds. The M16-A2 that the US Army put to use back in the 1980s also had a three-round burst fire mode, which might be what WF’s rifle was modeled after.

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