Whiskey Foxtrot Discussion

The first batch of “Oscar Mike” Clone soldiers gone wrong.

MAIN WEAPON: Homemade UPR-SL3 tactical rifle

His tactical assault rifle delivers a ton of punch behind three tightly-grouped shots.


These grenades of his are just wrong. Toss a grenade and it sticks to anything, then detonates after three seconds. On second thought, I’d love to borrow a couple of these for the next time I run into Rendain.


I definitely don’t want to be on the receiving end of the shrapnel-spewing attachment strapped to the bottom of Whiskey’s tactical rifle.


I don’t know how he pulled this off, but Whiskey jerry-rigged some kind of experimental tech into his tactical rifle. When powered up, he can load in an overstuffed clip that can be fired fully automatically.


The few times I’ve seen him in action, I’ve noticed something: After killing an enemy, Whiskey gets a boost to his attack damage.

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So, if I’m reading this right? His rifle has a underslung shotgun-esque weapon?


Why in the GhostRobo video the game looks perfect, and here, on the PlayStation access, looks really ugly?

BTW beautiful looking characters! :smiley:

I noticed that too, looks like they have settings turned town but it’s on PS4 so I’m not sure why it looks worse.

My only explanation is that the game may recorded at different point of time and again, maybe Ghost got to play on e newer version of Battleborn, or something like that.

I dont notice a diffirence?

Could be a codec quality thing after editing.

BTW. updated my site with an overview of Whiskey Foxtrot. Got some screenshots from 2K, manage to get partial of his Helix.


This is the only character so far that doesn’t at least look interesting to me. He just seems so similar to Oscar Mike, who was already meant to be the generic fps character. While a few abilities may be different, his play style seems almost exactly the same, not to mention the aesthetic similarities. I’m just a little disappointed because I was kinda hoping for the western type character, which is the only major archetype they’re missing, and instead we got a repeat of another character. Loving the cast otherwise though.

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I think this is the kind of character that you have to play to feel the difference. From the onset they do look similar, but the difference in weapons and skills that each character has isn’t really anything to knock off. Oscar Mike’s stealth generator and his other skills are a game-changer compared to Whiskey Foxtrot’s seemingly big focus on DPS.

Well, he looks pretty interesting to me anyways. IMO the concept is similar but the execution is different.

I guess you’re right, all my opinions at this point are purely speculation seeing how I haven’t actually gotten my hands on the game yet.

I find Whiskey Foxtrot a bit more tactical. because you have a burst fire weapon and if you choose the long range scope you have some real good “sniping” abilities. His ultimate will feel powerful because your normal shots are burst and his ULT is full automatic.

Can you make Borderlands and Battleborn the same UNIVERSE:grinning:

no they alredy said that its 2 different universis

I think he and Oscar Mike are great gateway characters that will help new players get their feet wet because they will be able to quickly grasp their play style.


Visually and gameplay wise I like wisky better. Oscar is just this generic “stormtrooper”. Where as wisky actually looks like he has character. The burst weapon is obviously more accurate and more powerful then oscar’s. I also believe his helix augments are not only more varried(damage vs utility), but also more effective.

The fact that oscar exists makes wisky more interesting as you can see what he was suppose to be. But I can understand why people don’t like “clone characters”.

Oscar will want to stay at range away from people and sneak behind them dealing sustained danmage. While whisky will want to be in your face making your life miserable via high burst damage and or his croud control augments.

Whisky’s ult is going to be very powerfull. Assuming his bullets do more damage then oscars as it’s normally a burst weapon, and it has a very short cooldown.

I like OM more because he is intentionally generic in a kind of satirical way. It also goes with the whole theme of “for every type of badass.” They’re trying to hit every archetype, and OM does a good job of hitting that generic shooter archetype while still putting a unique Battleborn spin on it, making it funny and interesting.


It looks to me like Whisky Foxtrot is probably going to be used by players more confident with their combat skills. If someone gets too close to Oscar Mike he has the option to cloak and attempt to disengage but WF has to fight his way out with his flak cannon skill.

I also like the similarity of the characters. Oscar Mike has a one-handed push-up taunt, but Whisky Foxtrot feels the need to one-up him. I expect he probably dislikes being perceived as Oscar Mike’s defective counterpart. He’s the big brother, after all. :stuck_out_tongue: Oscar Mike refers to him as “the black sheep of the family” in the new boot camp trailer, so there’s definitely friction.

his kit is underwhelming. the scattergun need a damage buff.

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