Whiskey Foxtrot Gear and Help

So I just played my first two matches with the beast, the first of which was against @ShadowHaven as Toby, which was fun but scary. I basically harassed him the entire game, because as soon as I stopped I knew my entire team would be dead. Anyways, back on topic, I’ve been having some trouble with a few things. I quickly picked up his rifle and scrap cannon, and am learning the timing of his Stickies, but his ult eludes me. I seem to end up wasting it the majority of the time. I can’t hit small figures consistently (crits seem more worth it) and while it melts Thrall and the like, it feels like a waste. So I’ve been wondering if recoil would help? Basically, how should I use his ult and what gear do you guys use? I’ve been using attack speed with health after 180, attack damage with attack speed, and white reload, for reference


I definitely take recoil reduction on him, as it helps with landing each burst fully.

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Both good choices.

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I go with my standard 0 cost shard generator and then opt for increased crit damage and reload speed. When my system finishes downloading updates for other games, I’ll jump on to find out which ones exactly I use.

I really don’t have a problem with the recoil, but I pull the trigger for each burst. I don’t really use the new feature of holding it down for auto burst fire. I just get more precise control this way.

I also prefer to use the red dot sight over the acog, because it already has great range and putting the acog is too much zoom for me and I feel like more of a sniper and find it harder to play at the mid to close range where WF shines best at. Not to mention I use lateral movement while aiming to help get and stay on target faster, which the red dot sight helps with

As far as his ult, I can’t say I get many kills with it either until I get the lvl 10 perk that allows it to bypass all shields and do health damage (especially good against Ambra and Reyna). Before that, I just use it to mop up cocky punks who think it’s alright to come back with low health but full shield. Even with the shield bypass, his ult is more of a finisher instead of something you unleash on full health and shield enemies. It fires much faster than normal, but it doesn’t really do extra damage per shot, so they usually have time to realize that they’re in trouble and attempt an escape. Otherwise, use it on targets whose shield has been depleted to maximize on continuous crits.

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My tip for the ultimate is use it as a burst fire, 3-4 rounds then sight again then 3-4 rounds again

(Real life tip as you pull the trigger say “die” for a single shot and die F-er die for a 6-8 round burstresults may vary)


Also with enough attack speed and an Ernest helping, is his ult essentially the same damage as his main gun?

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It does more damage than his reg gun, how would enhancing overdrive get it TO his main gun damage, wouldn’t that be down

Here’s a little trick I found - you don’t have to take an optic if you don’t want to. Level your helix as normal, then at level 3, just ignore it. When you get to level 4, just scroll down the helix to level 4 and pick whatever option you normally do. Keep scrolling past it every time you level up, and you can keep the iron sights.

My usual build is a white-level rarity +Reload Speed, a white-level rarity +Attack Damage, and a legendary “Poor M-Pulse Controller” which is near max stat. I hit crits a lot of the time as Foxtrot, so this one works out well.

For Overdrive, it just works wonders on large targets. Best counter I have ever seen to a Toby - just absolutely melts him. It seems to work better for me if you get up close and just hipfire it - the whole point of Overdrive is that you can spray and pray properly. Recoil reducing gear can be helpful, but I’ve never really found it to be too much of a necessity personally.

Minus the reload, it’s basically the same. Now, attack speed should carry over to his ult, so it will always be faster, but after a point, who’s counting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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yeah, that’s pretty much it. It kinda just turns him into a really accurate montana for 75 rounds.

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That last one looks seriously useful, because chances are if you get the first shot of a burst into a crit spot, you’re gonna hit the rest of the burst as well. Could get you a pretty decent damage bonus.

Yeah, WF’s whole thing is about making those crits. You slow 'em with stickies, scrap cannon for the damage boost (lvl 2 left helix), and then unleash your clip on their face. You should be making crits all the time, so that little piece of gear is pretty indispensable for my WF.


I use 0 cost Shard Gen, I think a purple sword with Attack Speed and Crit? And his Lore Legendary - My favorite legendary in the game.

I might also use recoil/crit gear on the second slot - Recoil is mostly for the ULT though, his weapon is relatively easy to hit crit spots with (Even for me, and my aim is horrible :sweat_smile:)
I just struggle pulling his gun down while ULTing. I’ll sometimes burst it but then it doesn’t really feel worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you, you meddling kid ! I have no tips cause I used him once and never again. But man you would not let me peek through the sniper perch. At the beginning of the match I had control and y’all were pushed back, but then you came…

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Does increased attack speed still lower his recoil?

If anything, I would think it would raise it.

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Im a fan of legendaries… So i use vow of zealous fury, his lore legendary and estable executioner.

His attack speed is amazing and i have a (small) chance to crit body hits.

I love to hold the triger!! Is like a new wft for me.

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Yep. You had almost killed me a few times until I got scope, and then your shield was almost never up lol. But you killed me once or twice later to make up for it haha

I would’ve used him months ago but I heard he was getting to be able to hold it down, so I bided my time. Is he that different at all?

I dunno depends on what ya want.

If you were rolling legendaries I’d say something along the lines of Bola’s+Singularity/his legendary and a 0 cost.

If you are going compt set up blue/greens I’d say something like:

GG damage blue, GG AS blue, 30% reload.
GG damage blue, AS/Crit;Crit/AS purple, MS/crit boots
GG damage blue, GG skill damage, 30% reload.

I myself like the first one personally it just feels great and you can use it on pretty much every gun carry from Ernest to Whiskey. I have tested both the first two in actual scrim games, and the last one is the same as Bola’s pretty much and I run that one in almost ever pub game.

I always take the every other 60% reload perk over the four burst. It gets to the point where he reloads pretty damn fast which is more important than a 4th shot that usually misses. Especially if your playing his legendary.

For his ultimate something you have to get a feel for is where it does and doesn’t have aim assist on it. If you are at long range and it’s not a big body do not fire it. When you want to have a super easy time hitting squishies with it; you have to be within about 2 vertical lengths of whiskey himself. You’ll snap right to them and the game will do the following pretty much for you. The average you can kill in a single ulti is right around 2 people, sometimes 3.

Then all you have to do is get the recoil down. Some people use recoil gear like singularity launcher or just a normal gun butt. I don’t use either because one the recoil is straight vertical, and two you couldn’t get headshots anyways so just body them for like 44 damage a shot. Times that by 100 and damn dude them guys are deadz.

Note: don’t get baited by shield pen. It’s practicality is far rarer then you’d think.

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If i remember correctly his legendary is 15% attack speed and reload and VoZF is 18% if you didnt have good timing like my lazy finger you would lose dps.

My accuracy increased and my dps. With his reload hélix (if you have a competente healer) you can shoot and shoot all day

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