I have just unlocked this character and I have used him in both PVP and PVE and he is extremely weak on damage. Not just his gun but all three of his abilities have very low damage,plus I can very rarely take advantage of his passive in PVP cuz it is really hard to activate it. Please gearbox I want to use this character more but he is extremely weak.

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I dunno, seems to work well for me…

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How is his passive hard to activate?..

It works on Enemy Battleborn, minions and even large shard clusters.

He’s not weak. And as the user above me said, you can even tigger it on those large shards.
His whole kit is affected by the passive aswel.

Give him a few goes. Once you get used to him and get him leveled up (a few of his helix mutations are actually beneficial) you’ll love him.

I absolutely hated him, thought he was garbage and anyone who truly knows me knows I have a special place in my heart for burst fire weapons so I had a hard time acclimating to his skills. After a while, you’ll start to wreck though!

Trust me if anything he’s OP when he reaches lv 6. If you went with the regen at lv 5 and the mirv grenades then you should go for the napalm at lv 6. If you get up close to the player and use the mirv grenades on him then it will split into 3 more grenades which can also stick on players. So that’s 6 sticky grenades that leave behind a fire aoe. He’s good at wave clearing around that level and pushing.

The problem is that he doesn’t spike in power until he gets a fair few levels, so you start out feeling pretty garbage and it makes levelling a bit slower.

I’d be happy if he got a bit of a rifle damage boost though, he has no real escapes so his damage needs to be high enough to press the enemy into escaping instead, and until you get your sticky nades pimped out, I feel that he just doesn’t have the damage to scare people off.


I really hate Whiskey Foxtrot but at the same time like him. The games where my team isn’t just a bunch of headless chickens and actually helps attack an enemy, I can be a good support assassin. By myself against Alani (fuck her), Oscar Mike, or Rath, I tend to see them smile when I put a stick grenade on them and push them back since it only tickled. To be honest though, I sort of forgot his passive, might try killing more minions first then attacking players, see how that turns out, but for only 10 seconds seems…too quick I dunno.

I think he need a very slight damage buff like 3% or improved damage scaling. He seems to kill everything way to slow. Seems like Marquis can down a buildable in like 4 - 5 shots. With WF feels like 2 or 2.5 clips. I also keep running into the issue of being in point blank range with ult and the landing the majority of my bullets an they still arn’t dead.

I also made a topic about maybe he doesn’t need a buff, but the animation between skills need to be reduced so he can combo his skills for max damage.

I would like the animatioms being shortened. His ult feels like he loads it slow and by the time I could have used it, the enemy either noticed me or died.

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For real. Like when you use the scrap shot for the extra damage and you spend like 1.5 seconds getting back to your basic attack.

I have always only played him as a pusher due to his passive. Bot guarding means when the waves clash I’m basically always doing much more damage than expected. Sticky napalm is a really nice denial tool and wave clear. The scrap bank really helps with breathing room to land more crits. I feel like if he’s not pushing he is not getting the most out of himself.

His animations are total ass and stuff he should get be default are helixes and said helix choices are usually besides his mandatory helixes

Like His Scrap Canon only does 133 damage not to mention it has a spread and weak range?
Level one he needs his stickies to slow so no point in making scrap push back enemies nor bonus damage to shield
Level 2boosting your autos attacks is nice but the animation is slow so you waste time and you need 3 charges to make his scrap actually pose a threat He has the one with pushback but that is on the same llevel is fuckign Napalm so that’s useless too
At level 10 no ult does Whiskey Foxtrot even outdps Oscar Mike with Double Tap and High Velocity ammo (+18% damage and double the passive ammo)?

In most PvE missions, Whiskey is consistently one of the higher damage dealers, often the highest.

Overcharge is a death ticket to anyone. I’ve taken out a well tanked Boldur, IsiC and higher health Kelvin with a single OverCharge.

Whiskey’s damage output is not an issue. Like many characters, Whiskey isn’t for everyone. For those of us he is for, he is an absolute badass.

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OKAY, I’m new to the full-release Battleborn (just bought it on the Steam Summer Sale, but played the Open Beta and that other thing-we-will-not-talk-about). And I’m a very mid-range DPS kind of player.

Initially, of course, I was an Oscar Mike fan, and I still AM. But HOLY CRAP, this Whiskey Foxtrot dude is POWERFUL for my purposes!

The gun itself does more damage (unmodified by helix, at least) than does Oscar Mike’s. While I appreciate the instant gratification of OM’s grenades, there’s something to be said for the value of WF’s sticky, time-delayed grenades as well–if you’re an experienced kite-flyer in PvE FPS, then you can do some downright dastardly things with that. And his ultimate!!! “Mother of God!” -Thorny

Just playing through The Algorithm first time, solo, I make MUCH better time through it with Whiskey than with Oscar (sorry, my totally-not-a-clone friend). Whiskey’s a total badass for direct-fire, mid-range DPS. He’s not a sniper, he’s not a brawler, he’s not a healer, and he’s no manner of supporter. Play him for what he IS, though, and he’s fantastic!

That’s because he recieved many buffs as I mentioned before. He really is good.