Whiskey Foxtrot Personal Review

So, beta’s over now and I’m really glad to have been able to give Whiskey Foxtrot a decent go. He’s definitely one of my favourite characters, love everything, even the Scrap Cannon. I was just going to make a few comments on another thread but I ended up having something to say about pretty much all of his kit, so here’s my overall opinion on his current state. There will be a lot of comparisons to OM :stuck_out_tongue:

TL;DR: After giving him a few tries he doesn’t feel terrible, but for the effort you need to put in to play him the payoff really isn’t there. Love his kit, I’d just tweak the numbers a little, being careful not to make his pretty great augments too good.

First off, here’s a link for reference to WF’s kit:

I played a fair bit of WF and while his kit is fun, at first it felt kind of weak. What is noticable is that his abilities scale really well with augments, so I found a nice build and he didn’t feel too weak overall. He can be surprisingly mobile, a nuker, a sustained damage dealer, but while not stepping on OM’s toes.

The only real issue was that his abilities just feel really slow, animation wise. They kill his momentum or make abilities unreliable.

However, after getting used to him and thinking he’s not so bad, I swapped back to OM and he just felt SO MUCH BETTER. OM just straight up outperformed WF with assault rifle damage, burst and ease of use. WF feels more single target minded thanks to Scrap Cannon, Overdrive and the radius of Sticky Bomb, but OM can easily do what WF does with stronger immediate burst and the ability to wave clear or lay down some AoE damage in a teamfight. In fact, WF’s time to kill just feels too long compared to most other attackers for a guy that’s tricky to use.

I wouldn’t nerf OM, at least not by much, but rather buff WF. He just doesn’t feel all that threatening right now even if he’s allowed free reign.

With that said, here’s what I think of his kit:


The weapon feels awesome to use. It has a little kick in it’s recoil that could be toned down for the sake of Overdrive, but the firing pattern feels solid and fun. However, it doesn’t feel like it does enough damage. Oscar Mike has a much stronger damage per shot, thanks to his passive, but he doesn’t have to worry about missing a burst and being punished. In addition, his recoil feels weak and the rifle feels pretty damn accurate, easy to land hits (as well as crits) with. Couple this with OM’s great, easy to use wide AoE ability damage and I’m stuck wondering why WF’s damage per shot isn’t much higher than what it currently is.

This is where I’d give him his main damage buff. At the moment the damage is underwhelming, but the rifle feels like the main part of his kit and it’d feel great to use if you felt properly rewarded. Besides that, buffing his rifle damage would also buff Overdrive (more on that in a bit) and with such good augments for his abilities it’s hard to justify buffing them too much if at all, so this just seems like the best place to tweak.


I don’t like it, but then I don’t like kill skills. It doesn’t really help him wave clear and is kind of win more in teamfights, you get a kill you’re already ahead. It does have some decent level 5 augments though. I feel like WF’s kit shouldn’t be penalized in damage because it might get 25% more from his passive, at least. It does feel okay when you kill a minion in lane then turn and fire at the opposing team for 10 seconds, at least, but the impact feels low.


Fun ability, awesome augments available for it, but way too finicky to use for the output. It’s not amazing at wave clear on it’s own and takes a little while to blow up your target, but the ability damage is pretty average for the result. Given that, it feels odd that it travels so slowly with such a small hitbox. It’s a very unreliable skill without the payoff to justify it. OM’s grenade has a bigger AoE, more damage and extremely powerful augments at levels 1 and 2, making it as easy as aiming at the ground for some immediate high burst damage.

Damage wise I’d say Sticky Bomb is fine where it is, can’t buff every source of damage WF has. This ability has some great augments that could easily get out of hand if you buffed it too much and I’d much rather just add a lot of killing power to his assault rifle using the rest of his kit to aid it. I’d do something about the projectile speed and size to make it more reliable because of it’s average output. Actually, I could live with the speed if the hitbox were just a tad bigger.

Additionally, it seems to have a much bigger hitbox when it comes to deflecting off of your allies, like it’s bouncing off of an invisible box surrounding them. Thought it was just me but it happened frequently enough and I talked to somebody who said they had a similar experience.


This ability is fun. A lot of people dislike it, but like Sticky Bomb it has some ridiculous augments and I really don’t think you could touch it’s damage without making it too good. At the end of a clip or as a finisher, this is actually a nice chunk of burst to finish a target off, which becomes a huge nuke when you have 3 charges ready from level 2 onwards.

If I had to change anything, it’d probably be a slightly shorter cooldown (it’s pretty long for it being a bit of a small skill without augments, but because of the augmented potential I would only knock a couple of seconds off at most) or fiddling with it’s animation length. The windup is okay, but if you need to start shooting again afterwards the delay is pretty long.


This thing bloody shreds. It might not be flashy, but it certainly feels like you have crazy power in your hands. If you can handle the recoil the DPS is great, but sadly aiming for those crits goes out of the window. The issue with Overdrive is that it’s so hard to find a good time to use it.

If we were to compare to OM again, Air Strike is really easy to use. It doesn’t replace his assault rifle temporarily, you just fire and forget on an enemy team that’s committed to a fight then return to gunning everything down. It’s easy to get value with and it has the same cooldown as Overdrive. Overdrive has a lengthy animation both at the start and end of the skill, it replaces your normal rifle DPS rather than supplementing it, I couldn’t even use normal abilities during the ult. Because of that period of doing nothing, the aim required, the single target nature and that you can’t use it at the same time as the rest of your kit, it doesn’t feel like a 60 second cooldown skill.

Considerably buffing Whiskey’s rifle damage would do wonders in making this ult feel ultimate. It’d do ridiculous single target DPS while still being a replacement effect and requiring you to aim well for the full duration, that is something that would feel brilliant for our defective clone. I’d also tone down the animation lengths a bit, with an assault rifle buff the starting animation would be fine, but the ending animation really leaves you open and then you have to reload after it ends so shortening that seems fair.

###To Wrap This Up:

Whiskey Foxtrot is a really fun character with already powerful augments with more worthwhile choices than most characters out there, he just needs a little love in his base kit to really get there as a Battleborn.

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A good summary. I’d like to suggest the Overdrive giving the gun incendiary properties but Montana already has that covered. I also think it needs something else to make it more impressive.

I think it’d be impressive enough if his normal assault rifle damage was something to write home about and it didn’t take an age to start or finish Overdrive. The one good thing about Overdrive is I had a DPS war against an ulting ISIC, and it shredded him. I imagine that it’d be enough power to scare even the user if you had more damage per bullet to play with.

I very much disagree with your positive spin on the scrap cannon. It’s butt****ing useless without sacrificing helix upgrades to get the knockback/add extra charges, especially when other characters already have functional skills that get augmented by helix upgrades. His ult is also terrible. I’ve unloaded the entire 75 clip with shield pen and 100 clip on different occasions and still can’t take down an enemy character. I understand this is a team based game and so not being able to get a kill 1v1 using my ult sounds normal-ish but when you take into consideration that it a skill designed for single target burst damage AND the fact that you cannot use your base attack or any other skills (OM can drop an airstrike, then shoot in a 'nade with napalm for extra AOE damage, and then continue to fire his rifle) WF’s ult should be putting out a ton more damage for the cost. Sticky bombs are either fantastic - having the shield and health drain helix and napalm AOE and getting them to stick to the intended target - or just terrible because they either bounce off your allies or just can’t hit people with the projectile speed. You can increase the projectile speed by 40% but that comes at a cost of the mutation helix for napalm AOE at the same level. I do agree that his rifle is amazing once you get the hang of it but the damage per pellet is lacking for sure.

You’ve written a good review but I think you’ve been far too lenient with it. He needs some serious work.

If his rifle’s base damage would be increased he would be pretty much perfect.

His scope abilities pretty much already make clear that he’s a precision character, whereas OM is more lenient.

It honestly feels like you’re expecting to one shot everything with Scrap Cannon or Overdrive.

And do keep in mind that he has a passive that increases damage on kill.

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The passive means **** all though because between competing with allies and allied bots for the kill and his low comparative damage output he struggles to even get kills.

The scrap cannon does a single shot for 133 damage. That’s it. No special effects. I should at least have the “pushes enemies away” effect as a base trait instead of making it a waste of a helix upgrade.

His ult is an auto fire clip, only surpassing OM’s basic auto rifle weapon by the two reloads OM would need to match the dps output. It was obviously designed to only work against a single target. There is no special effects. It limits you to only one source of damage while you are using it and has a stupidly long animation at both the start and the end. So yeah, I expect a hell of a lot more for the time cost and imposed limits.

I don’t want to one shot everything, I just want him to have the damage output to fulfill his role as intended. He just can’t play precision support the way his is now

I do agree on that point. I would happily ignore scrap cannon and overdrive’s uselessness for more rifle damage per shot

That is basically what I’m aiming for. His ability based augments are so good that it’s difficult to buff the baseline abilities, I mean you can get three charges of Scrap Cannon dealing about 230 damage each around level 7. Scrap Cannon is a lovely little augment stick that adds a little quick finishing burst to a target early game. I’d rather make him a rifle focused assassin and bring up his rifle damage a ton to make it on par and the low starting damage of his abilities understandable. More rifle damage will make his ult great too. What would you think of 45 damage bullets as opposed to the 30ish they seem to be at currently?

I would have to agree with you there a buff would be grate