Whiskey Foxtrot pvp

Please don’t use this guy in pvp he only feeds, thanks.

Depends how you use him. If you’re feeding with a ranged assassin, you’re doing it wrong.

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He should never be used in pvp i just lost a game because someone was using him. He’s really bad.

I’ve seen people make good use of him in PVP, not the strongest but in the right hands he is very good.

If you character is feeding in my experience it is usually more than player than the character.


In some games I feel awesome playing him. In others where there multiple melee fighters with speed and stuns I feel useless. Since his get away is a hit or a miss and does not work on multiple attackers. It is not fun being bully by melee characters when all it takes is a stun and both of them beating the crap out you on your side of the map because they can easily kill before the turrets can do their work. It would be nice if his scrap cannon does enough damage to chase off melee fighters but they just laugh at you and flank you and take you out. If you run, you lose chances to get XP which puts you at serious disadvantage playing him then it becomes a pain of catch up. I like Whiskey Foxtrot. I have mastered him and unlock all his challenges for 100% but I wish he had a little more so can fulfill being a ranged assassin better.

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Yeah i think he needs a little bit of a buff, it’s hard i guess to balance ranges with melee.

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I’ve seen really good ones too. Don’t bash on whiskey for bad players. He has the highest difficulty of anyone prolly but he is good.

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It depends on the current enemy team. Whisky cannot survive a melee gank. Guaranteed.

He can knock back and propel himself backwards with his Flak, so he can indeed survive and escape.

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Sounds like you’re not playing Whisky to his fullest then. First time playing him since the beta, got matched up against a Galilea, Deande, Ambra, Calderius, and Oscar Mike team.

Early on in the match was a struggle, Galilea really wanted to hump me with that sword of hers. I played defensively, selecting perks to boost damage, movement speed, and survivability.

By the end of the game, I was zipping around cleaning up kills and setting up my teammates to take out the rest. Gal couldn’t touch me as long as I played smart.

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He has lots of tools for getting away, his kit is designed to be tailored to who you’re fighting, if you’re up against multiple melees, you should be going with flak cannon’s push back, and three shots, store them up, and use them if you get in trouble. You lose some functionality out of your grenades, but you get survivability (which is what he does best)

For the most part WF wrecks melee characters, if you can keep them just outside of melee range (with your melee shove, and flak) you’re going to crit them into the dust

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I have mastered Whiskey Foxtrot. Scrap cannon is not a guaranteed escape if you have el dragon pounce you from above, a phoebe that teleports behind before you get off the attack. Any melee that dodges it. Getting stun or silence from any melee character, getting pull from Galilea,Ghalt, or Shayne and Aurox . Scrap cannon three blasts is not going to save you from two or three coordinated melee characters.

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if you’re being jumped by two or three co-ordinated characters then you have made a mistake, are out of position, and deserve to die… with any character.


So walking out of my base is a mistake. Is being left alone from my teamates is a mistake on my part. How about being push back so far that you cannot level because know matter where you go you are focused on the entire time. Quit basing false judgment on outcomes that people can not even change. How about you come back with actually useful knowledge instead of stating insult provoking comments. No body talking about person error. I am talking about experiences where the character is limited and has several disadvantages and not many advantages.

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You’re telling me that you are being physically attacked at point blank range by %60 of the enemy team, with a ranged character who’s main role is to hang at the back of the team and deal focused damage…

Yes, if you are in that situation, you have already made a mistake and deserve to die.

MOBAs are ALL about positioning and decision making, when you go in, and where you are. You rarely die due to individual skill, and this is no different.

If the enemy team’s melee characters are all 3 on you, you have already made a mistake, either by misjudging the distance you require to be safe from their abilities, not keeping track of your teammates who you need to help zone them away from you, failing to keep track of where enemies are on the map, or failing to effectively communicate with your team.

If you, at any time, are in the middle of three melee characters as WF, you have made a mistake at some point which let you get there.

You can either learn from that mistake and not let yourself get in that situation again, or I guess you can blame the character for not having some tool which lets you deal with three melee characters in order to help you escape from a horrible situation you’ve put yourself in.


I guess I should’ve been more cleared by “gank”.

Getting stunned by Galiela, Bouldor then a Miko. All at the same time.

It’s happend.

I lost a match earlier where the Rath died 16 times, people should stop playing him

If you’re playing Foxtrot like Oscar Mike then you’re doing it wrong.

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I think some players need to understand how gimped WF is overall. Even in capable hands, it’s still a task playing with him with very little reward.

I’m sure he does.

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