Whiskey Foxtrot pvp

(ndub04) #21

Whiskey is the mid-late game monster. His early game is weaker compared to others but the pay off is huge if you play to his strengths (i.e NOT being in peoples faces and choosing targets wisely). You’ll be melting the likes of Galilea when you hit level 5. I’ve personally had good and bad games with him but never felt he was just “weak” all around and needed a buff. Just requires farm, patience and decent aim.

(Maskerader) #22

I feel what you say about playing him has nothing in common with his image and him being labeled “easy”.

(Benedict Informant) #23

To be honest, i don’t know why they labelled him as Easy. He is more of a Complex character.

And i agree with @ndub04, until mid-game, you just grind slowly and collect shards.


They doubt WF’s power… I , personally , think Meltdown is his game mode.

Me and the dude Mellow were a duo… other team was a set team of level 40-55 players.

I had a hand in 45 kills… Step it up guys… I’ll show the video of this game when it’s done uploading… It was CRAZY.

(Bastardronin) #25

yeah it comes down to precision aiming, sticking it out to level 5 (his mutations are great), and constantly activating Combat Rhythm, which btw, activates by hitting almost anything, I “killed” a big shard and it activated lol. Mid-late game troll he is. plus setting up a gear load-out helps, like bringing down his recoil and upping his shield penetration.


Agreed… His quick melee is soooo underrated… there’s a reason it’s in his lore.

Here is the video of the second half of this match I spoke of above… It was awesome. WF shines in Meltdown.

(Shahnaz) #27

WF has brutal DPS given the tools. Activate his passive, get his lvl 2 Q Helix and watch as you melt faces.

He has issues, ofc, but people are used to early spikes (IE: Oscar Mike H2) while WF excels starting at H6.


Only played 70 hours in pvp, i need to play some more obviously to see it, sorry my bad.


Yup he scales late… just minion farm and back your teammates up with scrap cannon debuff… that’s what i do to level up at least.


It’s not about playtime… It’s about understanding his skillset.

70Hrs of playing him wrong isn’t gonna net you anything positive.


Except i haven’t played him once, please read the whole thread before making bizarre assumptions.

(Ryan Grey) #32

how can he not read the whole thread? you barely wrote anything lol


Yeah honestly this foxtrot guy is great, you guys should keep on playing him as much as possible, actually i think he might be OP. I retract all of my previous statements.


Then the thread is pointless… You made it based on people using him wrong… that’s like me saying don’t use Miko cause every Miko I play with throws daggers instead of heal.

It’s all good the people that play WF right know his power.

(Douzkaya) #35

Spot on, thank you.

PS: WF is awesome when you know what you are doing.

(11st worstest contributor) #36

He’s impossible to play with the lag experienced by most “other” countries. It’s hard enough to get hits with a faceroll character like Orendi let alone one that requires timing and skill like WF.


I mained whisky during the beta and would average 70+% accuracy. Now I can’t get much higher than 50% with him :unamused:

(Azure Maelstrom) #38

All in how you use him and who you are fighting against.


I’m seeing these threads everywhere and it’s so damn funny. People just don’t play him well or he’s not like OM so they think he’s bad.

The character is fine.

(tha_shogun_12@yahoo.com) #40

Ive done this and more at times and i can tell you whiskey sucks. Theres no way a character should have to wait until level forever to be viable