Whiskey Foxtrot pvp


he’s viable far before level whatever… most of you just want him to be great at level 2 like Oscar… after level 2 Oscar doesn’t get anything groundbreaking and his utility stays the same.

Whiskey turns goes from debuff scrap cannon / support assassin , to full on lane clearer and destroys people.

Like I keep telling all of you… Keep crying. I enjoy him and what he’s capable of is a lot more than most characters.

(tha_shogun_12@yahoo.com) #42

Lmao, no he isn’t The only thing he’s capable of is realizing other characters are better than he is. But that’s good that you do “good” with him, as I’ll play you with others until he gets a buff.


He won’t be getting a buff cause the people that play him well know how OP he’d be.

Go play 1 trick pony Oscar and let the people that know what to do with Whiskey play him.

Don’t hold your breathe on that buff lol.

(Kpumperbeezy) #44

in this long as topic you still dont realize that WF doesnt suck. you really have to put in time to get good with him kinda like benedict, atticus, toby. just because your not good with him doesnt mean he sucks. the reason i started playin with WF is beacuse i was reading the comments in this topic weeks ago. and after using him alot and really learning how to play with him i fux with WF.

(tha_shogun_12@yahoo.com) #45

Sigh. Are you WF enthusiasts on PSN? I’d love to play against you guys and see this epic whiskey play.

Also btw you don’t have to suck with a char to know when they’re not good. If you saw my previous picture and comment you’d know i know how to use WF and have been top damage consistently. But that is just because I am a good player, not because the char is good. Whiskey is garbage tier right now and needs some work.

(tha_shogun_12@yahoo.com) #46

Or if vs doesn’t tickle your fancy we can play on teams in PvP. If your whiskey can consistently out damage or kill any of my other attackers, hell any other of my assassins then ill stop talking about whiskey buffs

(gr33dsama) #47

Honestly I’m fine with Whiskey’s gameplay. His character design interested me from the get-go, and his play style I do agree should be considered complex rather than easy. I would’ve thought he needed a buff, but his mutations add alot of power in pvp. Plus, when in doubt: stab everything. It’s the best way to get kills whenever you have to reload your weapon. Not many people expect a melee kill with WF. It’s pretty much how I get Ghalt & Galilea players that think they got a hold of me lmao

If you don’t have the patience for WF, I don’t recommend his gameplay. Ignore his “easy” characteristic and consider “complex” instead. He can be a low-key assassin if you have great aim with your sticky grenades.

(M86edit) #48

whiskey’s quick melee is the best thing in his entire kit tbh

(Insanity Incarnate ) #49

He’s a mid to late game character. I almost always go at least 2 positive when I’m not wrecking. For him you need to consider the game type the map who you’re fighting and what your overall play style is. Don’t blame the character bc of a player. I’ve seen players do bad with pretty much everyone. Sometimes players are trying a character for the first time. you can’t expect them to be the best at it without experience.


I still think whiskey’s underpowered none the less. Personally, I over preform with just about every character with a gun lol, but whiskey’s basic three round burst just doesn’t cut it for me.

(Insanity Incarnate ) #51

There’s a four round burst helix lol. Seriously though the only I feel he needs is being able to hold the trigger for controls burst when ready. My trigger finger starts to hurt after playing several intense games as him. Maybe make the scrap deal like a 5-10% more damage at close range since i really only use it as a damage increase or leap while sprinting. He goes crazy far when you push yourself back that way. I don’t like being silenced or stunner out of my ult like Ghalt either. Such a waste and long cooldown. I’d rather it just not let me fire full auto while silence than losing it entirely. Heck even knockups have made me lose my ult. As a counter it’s just too effective against him ATM. Other than that he’s great. One of my favorite shooters. I’ve almost mastered him but I can’t seem to get those last few Mike kills since no one is playing him As much at least when I’m wf

(Rjprotacio) #52

His timing coming out of his ult needs to be reduced, to me he attaches and detaches it way too slow. If it was quicker, I could have gotten so many more kills. Also, the lores needing kills are just dumb. My Mikes keep getting stolen.

(Insanity Incarnate ) #53

Plus he reloads twice as fast normally then getting in or out of his ult. my mikes are being stolen too so i feel your pain.

(Masterblizak) #54

LMAO, I’ve been doing nothing but PVP for over a month to work on PVP lores for multiple guys. I’ve noticed in that time a rather lack of people picking Oscar Mikes. So you dedicate 20+ minutes to a game you can’t even get any kills on. Not to mention if someone does pick him and he’s the guy that goes 18-0. LOL

(badguy5 on YouTube) #55

No Whiskey is not useless. No he’s not Garbage tier. No, he’s not OP.

Whiskey is somewhere near B-tier. He has flaws (heh). He’s also a late-game character (which I’m not sure was intentional in design). Whiskey needs some work, and devs have said they’re giving it to him.

PS - Whiskey vs Kleese in Meltdown is amazing. You spend the first half of the game amassing power as this shielded old man harasses you. then you go all super saiyan and melt through his shields. Then he’s like “QQ y plz stahp”.

(Masterblizak) #56

I think the game needs characters like this. Since WF doesn’t get going until late, you can spend your time killing minions and thralls while others will ignore them while killing other BB. When WF does break out towards the middle or end it’s pretty much pandemonium for the others once that happens. Napalm with 3 sticky grenades is pretty nasty stuff. So you have a person who is pretty much dedicated to lane clears early and then becomes the lane clear by proxy of napalm. I’ve noticed a lot of people walking right by minions.

(Master of the Rogues) #57

Something must be wrong here, do you go for the 3 nades or the mirv nades? Mirv nades is better because you can get 6 nades to pop out up close making it even more devastating.

Also, Oscar shouldn’t be that hard to kill if you go with the right helix choices. His sticky nades play a key role as it will show where he is and becomes even more devastating with the mirv and napalm.

(Master of the Rogues) #58

Whiskey is actually OP considering he recieved many major buffs. He’s not OP at the start but around lv 4 is when he becomes powerful. Just go with the slow,mirv,regen, and napalm. He can easily kill someone with all 6 nades. His ult is much better now since they buffed his weapon a lot.

(Masterblizak) #59

yeah, i use the 3. I don’t remember why I didn’t go with the other helix, I’m sure there was a reason. I didn’t say he was hard to kill. I was more commenting on how few seem to pop up. I completed my lore the other day, it was just super time consuming.


Can someone explain this in more detail, please?