Whiskey Foxtrot pvp

(badguy5 on YouTube) #61

If you use mirv in someone’s face, there’s a bug that will sometimes cause the “pop” to happen twice. But it’s a bug and should not be considered reliable or a reason for the validity of a talent / build.


Awesome, thanks.

(Master of the Rogues) #63

Is it really a bug? I thought it was suppose to work like that considering how the mirvs work in the BL series.

(badguy5 on YouTube) #64

The intended behavior is for 3 to pop out. If you use the MIRV at close range, sometimes the “pop” happens twice, so you get six. It’s extremely inconsistent, though.

(Ka-Klaw) #65

Other either don’t need to grind as long, have a better late game, or better utility.

(Mitharan) #66

Not trying to bump a dead thread, but looking at this folder of the forums it’s all dead. I still don’t see WF being good in pvp. There are times he is a threat but I feel like thats when I’m getting steam rolled and their entire team is a threat. I’ve never won a game and thought “damn I wish I could honor their Whiskey Foxtrot” nor have I ever won and thought “Well our Whiskey Foxtrot carried”.

I’m trying to decide which is my next character to master and after reading this forum and searching the net in general for builds or opinions, it won’t be WF.

(Ka-Klaw) #67

He’s pretty good now solidly average.
Wound gives him much needed extra utility, and have an upper hand in 1v1’s andl iek asides from ISIC the only guys with a low cd wound.
Ricochet isn’t so ■■■■ anymore and is more reliable.
His dps has been buffed now and his left level 2 helix is pretty good now and on near equal footing with his 3 charge helix.

He’s got good utility and absurd dps (Best for a ranged guy under common scenarios) and now that Mellka got nerfed she isn’t as dominating as she used to be.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #68

He is perfect just wait for when a good one gets to you

(Skeksis Syl) #69

Whiskeys power honestly comes down to late game and how much time your willing to put in on him. He has a bunch of extremely relevant and amazing helixes that have to be unlocked and an absolutely amazing legendary.

The best advice I could give to aspiring whiskey players is to play campaign mode to sure out some of his more annoying lore bits (i.e. The knock back one and melee kills one) then take him into pvp and learn HOW you want to whiskey. Decide if you want the slow on grenades over knock back at level 1. Decide if you like Swiss cheese or scrap bank at level 2. Decide which scope you prefer.

Whiskey players should take every opportunity to trigger combat rythm. Which means you over any other battleborn should be killing buildings and especially the shock turret on overgrowth, as well as denying kleeses rifts and ambras sunspots(I don’t remember if Toby’s shields count but I bet his mines trigger rythm) this makes you stronger and those characters weaker. I also often use my sticky on minions early too

Your ult is fantastic if not a little under appreciated/simple. Anything big has to leave the area or its dead. Rythm into his ult is a serious threat. Any character who thinks they can go toe to to with you will often have to leave asap if you fire up your ult. And God help the kleeses tobies monntys and ghalts if you hit level 10 and take the shield pen perk. Additionally his ult is awesome for just wailing on an un shielded sentry.

His quick melee is also quite strong. Make sure to utilize it on players and minions as well.

All in all whiskey is probably one of the worse characters out of the box. His play style can also be a little tricky at first. But his playstyle to me is to essentially deny the ground many characters are designed to try and hold and punish them for not retreating. Get killer regen, napalm, and his legendary and play a few matches to level 10 with him. The guy is a straight monster and even in my moderately capable hands can absolutely wreck

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #70

I think his helix choices are balanced I have never found the mutations amazing, overrated, but viable

(Skeksis Syl) #71

That is fair enough. I personally love killer regen over movement and whatever the other one is. I find napalm has a lot of solid applications to it other than piling more damage on a triple threatened battleborn.

At the very least his mutations add quite a substantial change in what he can do imo

How do you build your whiskey? Gear and skills wise?

(Might 94) #72

Get his legendary. It ups his reload speed to ridiculousness.

I use that plus a cheap white atk speed gear and a atk dmg (with extra atk speed) glove.

Get the atk speed item in game first, save up for legendary, then get the last glove item.

By late game I’ll do 50 dmg per bullet (150 per burst) non crit to anything. My normal shooting is scarier than my ult. Any fat target is instantly dead on seeing me. Unless they run fast enough.

Thralls melt on crit spots. That’s an 150 dmg per bullet crit on thralls head. One burst is 450.

Adding on the atk speed from all your gears and you’ll fire faster than Oscar on full auto. With higher damage.

Health regen is obtained from helix so I don’t need to save up for those gears.

As the above posters said, keep your kills going. The 50 dmg is with the buff.

Only squishy targets survive honestly. Because generally they’re smaller, so they escape really fast. Looking at that damn orendi whom escaped me the 3rd time

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #73

Ever got the slow on grenades for those characters, just watch them melt

(SnazzySquid) #74

Orendi and Alani are the scourges of my existence as Whiskey. Not because they are so menacing, but because of the constant jumpy shots with small hit boxes. If it wasn’t for how useful Swiss Cheese happens to be against everyone else, i’d take Scrap Bank to deal with those annoyances.