Whiskey Foxtrot Review - HE NEEDS IMPROVEMENT


Ok I waited until I could put him in every scenario so I could honestly write this but I must honestly say, Whiskey Foxtrot needs a vast improvement. Similar to Ghalt pre-patch in doing horrible damage close range, WF does no damage in his perspective field, mid-range. He doesn’t do much damage in all ranges honestly, and being that his idea is to be a mid-range Damage Dealer it feels really frustrating at times when you are playing other opponenets, and in some cases bots, and you are being pushed away or barely surviving, while also barely surviving himself in almost all cases also. I’m not the best at posting these and I made a beta account to share this info, but I’ll try my best to explain why and where he needs to be changed and gearbox I really hope changes can be made to this character to make him more enjoyable (I really enjoy his idea!)

Main weapon - Tactical Rifle

Now I love the idea of the three round burst and what it’s used for with more accurate shooting, but another factor of the three round burst is to KILL will accurate precision mid range and right now it just doesn’t do that. Nothing is more frustrating than unloading a whole clip or two on bots or another hero and it doing minimal damage to either them or their shield. When your opponent realizes what’s shooting them they can make a hasty retreat or go on the offensive towards you, and with his current damage he cannot do anything successful to counter either (loading enough damage to keep them on the retreat for recovery or enough damage to have their opponents think twice on the approach). He’s listed as an assassin on your page but he can’t assassinate anything.

My suggestions for improvement? Either faster bursts with faster reload or just more damage per bullet overall.

Ability - Scrap Cannon

Ok as of now this move is just about useless right now and really doesn’t serve much purpose. It isn’t damaging enough to hurt opponents that are close range and it isn’t accurate enough to do damage from a further range (even with the Long distance flak Helix augment). Right now, it’s just kinda there, and I sometimes finding myself just unloading burst bullets from the hip to do more damage as it does slightly less damage then landing a less accurate/more ending lag Flak shot. There really isn’t much use for this ablility.

My suggestions for improvement? Give it more damage close range. Make it function like the under barrel shotgun that it is. Or don’t make it function like an under barrel shotgun and just increase it’s damage. Also give it the knockback passive Flak off as right now Whiskey has no way of retreating or getting opponents off of him like every other long ranged opponent has (Oscar Mike cloak, Thorn’s Speed, Marquis Temporal Distortion, etc.)

Ability - Sticky Bomb

Out of WF underpowered arsenal this is the best option he has, but it is still somewhat under powered overall compared to other abilities. The damage is nice, but it just takes to long to detonate, so if you miss your opponent with a sticky, chances are they will be way out of range before they take any form of damage. Your oppoenent has to be pretty stationary to land this attack or for great effort I end up finding myself near death, or getting ko’d before the sticky goes off

My suggestions for improvement? A shorter fuse time on the sticky bomb, more damage if a stick is landed on the opponent, or the opponent takes more bullet damage from WF’s Rifle if a sticky is landed.

Ability - Overdrive

Not much to say about this ability as it is pretty awesome other the fact that out of all specials this has both a long start up time and cool down time, either are the idea for unloading a bunch of bullets into an opponent

My suggestions for improvement? Reduce the ending lag for this ability. Unloading a clip and sitting there helpless for two seconds then having to reload is a pain, and makes using overdrive on opponents within range very risky.

Now i’ll touch briefly on ablities on his tree that are severly lacking and majority of the times it’s just more wise to go for the latter. Here they are:

Helix Augment 2: Swiss Cheese - Almost no point of using this as if you are close enough to hit a scrap cannon you will not do enough bullet damage to take out the opponent before they take you out due to WF’s horrible bullet damage. You better off of using the scrap bank in every aspect. Sticky damage, an increase to maybe 20-25% damage, or increased damage with other players are a more ideal thing.

Helix Augment 6: Flakback - This is way to late into the game to finally achieve this ablility. By level 6 you are more than likely pushing more offense and your opponent has way more options of closing the gap if need be (or in most cases retreating). This should be a level 2 ability instead and make Flak off a passive for Scrap Cannon.

Helix Augment 7: When Three Just isn’t enough - A lack for a better word, this augment is actually not an augment at all and more a decrease. You run through your clip faster and the bullets aren’t more accurate or are you pushing much more damage due to faster reloads. To make this ablilty successful increase the clip size from 30 - 40 so we can still get 10 trigger pulls before reloading.

Well that’s all I have guys and I really hope you guys look into these adjustments or buffs in general to Whiskey Foxtrot. I love the character and a huge fan of him, so I would like to see him be able to compete with the other battleborn. Once again please take the time to read this Gearbox and others and see if you agree. I really hope so, thank you.

Tha Shogun

Open beta Commander Rank 75

Rank 15 Bolder
Rank 11 Thorn
Rank 11 Whiskey Foxtrot


I created an account just to make a comment on Whiskey Foxtrot. His accuracy issue obviously makes him less effective of a fighter than OscarMike and most of the other characters in the game tbh. However I enjoy using this character the most because of the fluidity of the shooting. I find this character the most fun to use in the game. I enjoy the skill challenge required to hit the targets, and I like the smooth shooting animation of the character greatly. I think a slight damage buff would make this character on par with the others in the game.

Thank god I’m not the only one thinking this guy needs a fix. It says he’s an assassin but yet there’s nothing that seems assassinish about him at all. All he is is an underpowered Oscar Mike it seems.


I don’t think he needs much of a fix, WF is a skill hero. It takes a lot more than average skills to be good with him. I was terrible with him at first and thought he needed a good buff. But than I kept at it and he is monsters now, I can 2v1 with him. Just play off his grenades and u will do fine.

Slight damage buff is all he needs.

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He is SEVERELY underwhelming and I really wanted him to work out.
But it says he’s easy and an assassin and he’s neither.

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Agree 100%. His kit is fine, but needs dmg. Can’t even provide adequate pressure to scare a strong incursion assault. They just say, “it’s only Whiskey Foxtrot. Keep pushing!”

Maybe up his passive and add 30% or so to his tactical rifle.


I seriously didn’t have a single issue when I ran him.
My gear choices were based around attack speed attack damage and crit damage. He is a lot slower of a killer but his ultimate can take down a late game Montana by itself (was doing well over 100 crit damage). Using triple slow stickies that drain shield (I think?) also works amazing as a surprise assault. The Flak Cannon is totally meh at best but running around with three blasts from it can really lay down a hurting to either a single Battleborn or a group of minions.
He should be sitting between OM and Marquis as far as range vs damage. Play him there and use him to suppress or you can be ballsy and run those triple slow stickies, 3 flak cannon blasts and a clip to the ol’ noggin to quickly rip some unlucky Battleborn to shreds.

Personally I do think WF requires a slight buff. His ability to kite , or zone is extremely limited. He doesn’t excel in any form of combat such as long, mid , or close. His mobility is pretty poor, his skills ranges are also pretty lame considering they are not extremely overpowered or meant for clearing. His sticky requires a ton of aim for not much reward as compared to other skills such as landing a hook, or hitting a homing rocket. His burst rifle is nice in concept but doesn’t really have any huge accuracy benefits compared to OM’s full auto. His passive is complicated but nice but requires him to be chained to a lane, meaning any fighting off lanes he is extremely weak, and even on lane he isn’t deadly or annoying in comparison to tons of other characters like Oscar mike, gali, orendi, marquis, benedict, ambra, toby, Isic, miko, etc etc. Last his ultimate is well I personally like it, but i wish it has some bonus effect such as every bullet on same character does scaling dmg, or fire, or even simply increased fire rate during the duration not just fully auto from burst. Aside from that he’s an ok character i’d definitely put him in the lower tier characters around the same skill such as a OM will abuse him, i do it all the time as virtually anyone in the game.

Whiskey Foxtrot is just like Caldarius for me when I at aim at opponents critical spots I can quickly killed them but that takes a little skill which took me awhile to learn but I love both of those Heroes.

Exactly! Often times no pressure could be applied to stop pushing lanes unlike Thorn or OM but not enough damage mid distance. He is just kinda there right now and his hero position is severly lacking compared to many others. His sticky is not scary at all compared to OM or many other chars AoE like Melka and Thorn, but is much harder to connect.

A lack for a better word, he is just a mediocre mid range right now.

All I know is every time someone chose him for a PvP match it meant an auto lose because it basically cripples yiur team effectiveness to 4v5 immediately lol

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. I only use him for his ultimate ability.

If I had to choose something to tweak about WF it would be the refire rate on his burst rifle and/or the speed of the burst itself. It didn’t feel as smooth as it should have. This would bump up his normal damage output well enough to be a serious threat. He should be able to melt a few hundred HP in a flash but the burst/refire rates will not allow it.

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Highly agree…[quote=“hhhcgt, post:15, topic:1363915, full:true”]
If I had to choose something to tweak about WF it would be the refire rate on his burst rifle and/or the speed of the burst itself. It didn’t feel as smooth as it should have. This would bump up his normal damage output well enough to be a serious threat. He should be able to melt a few hundred HP in a flash but the burst/refire rates will not allow it.

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Lol, completely agree.

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Whiskey Foxtrot is definitely not much of an “Assassin,” he feels more like a mid-range harasser, and he’s definitely not an “Easy” character to learn to use effectively. Aside from his ult he has to reliably crit to do strong burst damage (i.e. good aim, clear shots) & he has virtually no mitigation, his CC abilities are tied to Helix upgrades & they’re somewhat difficult to aim (something that can be picked up) - adding slow to his sticky bombs & knockback to the scrap gun.

Scrap gun is really his only defense against being facerolled by melee characters, since he’s fairly squishy, lacks OM’s stealth or any special kind of mobility. The problem w/ this is that secondary abilities can be interrupted (they just don’t trigger at all), and he doesn’t have the damage output on his rifle to scare melee fighters off, so once they start hitting him all he can do is backpedal & probably die w/o help. Unless you see them & are able to land a scrap gun shot or a slow sticky while they’re approaching you, you have no counter once they’re in your face except an absurdly slow quick melee, pelting them w/ AR bursts, or turning & running & hoping for the best.

I learned about abilities being interrupted when you’re being damaged, such as by a flurry of melee attacks & skills, the first time I tried to play WT in a multiplayer match (mostly against Rath), & later discovered it to be true for other characters (Ambra unable to drop sunspots, Benedict unable to liftoff), and against other characters, so if your primary means of getting separation is attached to a skill, you’ll probably end up w/ a few frustrating deaths as you repeatedly press a button that does nothing. At first I thought it was just from CC, which is obvious (and something I’ve read about, i.e. w/ Benedict’s Liftoff not triggering), but it continued long after being hit w/ any CC abilities, even if I was still being attacked by basic melee attacks. I tried all the different skill activation methods from the menu, but it didn’t have any effect, the ability doesn’t even highlight in the HUD if you press it while you’re being hit - possibly only by melee attacks or continuous damage - it’s just unresponsive. I only noticed it in PvP, in 1v1 w/ Rath, Galilea, Phoebe, & Kelvin that I can remember, so it really wasn’t any specific debuff. I can only assume it’s a design decision, though it’s not mentioned anywhere, or possibly a bug (an effect only supposed to work on CC/silence), but I found it to be the most incredibly frustrating way to die in my entire experience w/ the open beta. It’s an outrageous advantage for speedy melee characters to make your abilities not trigger, Dreadwind becomes an insta-kill (which… lol, already) and it makes an exposed Whiskey Foxtrot a sitting duck to be picked off at will by offensive melee characters.

As for WT: the man is definitely an interesting character concept, one of my favorites even, I like the idea behind all of his abilities, he can potentially put out a lot of damage, but altogether he feels outclassed by other characters - specifically Oscar Mike (does most of what he does while being easier to use) & Caldarius (can fill his role while being incredibly mobile & strong in melee). I feel like he needs increased damage at close proximity, so when someone gets in your face they feel a lot of pain for their trouble. Scrap gun should just fire w/o being interruptible & have a huge damage buff at close range. Sticky bombs should cause more problems than an optional slow effect - it would help to have some serious knockback, especially if one is stuck to a character, so if he lands one while you’re approaching him you get tossed away when it goes off. And his “quick” melee is slow to the point of exaggeration, I dunno what’s going on w/ that - if it was a little bit closer to Caldarius in speed he would be pretty beastly. He lacks the ability of similar characters to get out of danger, he should get something in return for it besides another source of damage, or at least that damage should be kind of ridiculous.

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All i am hearing is I need better aim so I can use foxtrot. Learn to aim and you can easly be op, just as with mike, longest kill streak of 19 was with him going 27 - 2 on a full length incursion (Red dot sight). Practice before haveing a cry please.

Thats because he is basically a unofficial sniper character he is a character you need to stack crit dmg with to be effective his rifle is both very accurate and has a sniper scope for long distance harassing. And head shots with WF are powerful if you can land them that means taking your time and being patient.

I think his skills are lack luster besides from his Ult. I do think if you have a good shot you can still wreck other players.