Whiskey Foxtrot Review

So here I am, posting another review for a character I believe needs a bit of uptuning (note, not quite buffing, unlike toby)

here’s what I’ve got:

Okay damage, not great without a kill (should be higher so he’s usable in capture)

Scrap cannon is weakish but has it’s purpose (could also use a bit extra damage)

Sticky grenade, also weakish, but surprisingly becomes very powerful through leveling (i wish they’d have it the same end damage but higher lvl 1 base damage)

Ultimate is powerful, very powerful. It is a facemelter that’s only drawback is a lack of scrap cannon, which isn’t a huge deal. (stay where it is)

Passive: I like passives that are useful. The thing about WF is that his passive is how he deals normal damage. He needs to kill minions to be able to kill battleborn. Although it’s a nice idea, I rather have him get a +20% damage buff or something all the time and instead and replace his passive with something else on kill. Likee accuracy, or movement speed, or less recoil.

These things are minor though, and he plays alight except for one thing I can’t stand. his lack of zoom and damage falloff. I understand his damage fall off happen fairly far away if i recall, but nonetheless, it’s annoying for a three round burst weapon thats about getting criticals moreso than most. SEecondly, the zoom without the acog scope is atrocious and useless, since it literally doesn’t zoom in at all. Couldn’t we have it zoom in more than OM’s gun, since he’s trying to shoot further ranged than him? I’d like a zoom increase to both iron sights and red dot. And I’d like the damage fall off it be a little further out too, or a little less than 50%.

In the end though, he’s still playable, his maximum ability to kill though is very low, compared to a lot of characters. Where melee characters start much more powerful than ranged, they usually seem to even out. However, WF’s ability to kill things doesn’t seeem to change much, seeing it’s not that hard to miss his grenade, and his gun is useless without killing something unless no onee sees you. It’s got lower bullets per second and literally a higher dps than OM by 1 point of damage. and without zoom, this doesn’t do much.


The problem I have for him is Scrap Cannon doesn’t have a reticle of its own, if you go with helix level 2 (Scrap Bank) the cooldown is random to me, and his ult animations are painfully slow. Aiming can get a little wonky with Scrap Cannon and (stealing this example from another user in this Whiskey Foxtrot thread) the charges should be on their own visual cooldown, like how Toby has his jump charges. His ult is powerful, but 75 rounds goes by quick and if you pop it off at the wrong time or finish, you’re probably dead. His helix could use a slight readjustment to make early game more tolerable .

I disagree with you. I feel like he does lack in some areas early game, but late game he poops on people.

The question is – when does the late game begin in PvP, maybe never, depends on team, if you don’t get there it doesn’t matter.
I think W-F is really weak until very late game. His tactical rifle while being fired in bursts should have alot more DMG … it is not easy to hit something while ppl are jumping around all the time in pvp. Maybe it would help that he gets 4 shots per burst in the early game.

Good point, but we can agree that the first couple of levels are really terrible, but I would like to say when you hit level 6 and get the napalm mutation it starts to get interesting.

I agree it becomes alot better with the napalm mutation and it becmes even better when you get 4 shot burst … this is when i feel W-F isn’t too weak anymore … but i think it starts too late. He has too many flaws in his QoL ( activation times of skills, tactical burst mode weapon that makes it hard to hit something in this fast game, the shotgun overall does not feel strong ) and on top his dmg isn’t good before very late game.

Best regards.

You do agree with mee. That’s the point. His base zoom is lower than good (red dot is actually all right after I used it in pvp some more) but afterwards it increases. Like I said, I’d like stickies to do more dmg at lvl 1 but scale up to the same dmg they deal at lvl 4 or lvl 10 at least because after you get sapping stickies, the stickie becomes really good.

This said, his normal dps is still the same as OM but his abilities are harder to hit,m and only deal more damage late game, around when WF gets napalm.

Swiss cheese is honestly the only thing that keep WF relatively powerful, if he shoots at anything thinner than him, it’s probably going to kill him. Hwe has trouble sticking smaller targets, can’t hit them with as much scrap and can’t shoot them as easilly, andthey kill him really quickly.

Again, i think he needs some uptuning for early game because he starts off worse than basically any other battleborn. Howeever late game, especially after lvl 5, he becomes extremely powerful compared to before, and falls in line.

Exactly. I means, his dmg should be better than OM’s, but a small amount, but it isn’t because an auto rifle can hit so much easier than a 3-round burst. And OM’s napalm grenade hurts a lot of peoplee so much, and WF’s stickie, well, for waiting a total of around 4 seconds, it’s not really that good.

I’m mastered him in 3 days and he’s a good assassin, with the 3 bombs and napalm helix. also I throw enemy from the cliff with the scrap canon, add reload speed helix too

Of course he isn’t made for fighting 5 enemy alone, but if he’s good played he can be the best of the game ( for example a typical game with WF is 12/1 (k/d) )

He is good. I agree. And yes, I often go 9/0 when I am with a team of people (in capture) but early game he is one of the worst battleborn. Yeees, with mutations he does hit par, and if youre good with him, you can easilly wreck, but prior to lv 5 his ability to kill is relatively low compared to most battleborn. I think uptuning his lv 1 play isn’t out of question for him.

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