Whiskey Foxtrot shooting mechanic

If this has been mentioned before i apologize, but why is he the only non charge character that has to trigger pull ? Even Reyna who has a semi automatic laser pistol can hold the trigger down. I understand the mechanic behind it but man my index finger is getting sore! In other games with burst fire character could go down with 1 or 2 trigger pulls but in Battleborn he can unleash a whole clip (10 trigger pulls) in a single bot sometimes. The bots come in plenty of waves so i can expect up to abut 500 trigger pulls in Incursion

If there is any future of addressing whiskey can this be added? My poor index finger is about busted


It’s been touched on, but I don’t think there’s a dedicated thread…
Though. This should probably be under the Whiskey Foxtrot category.

I recommend using your middle finger for the trigger. more comfortable imo, and lets you hit L1, triangle, etc without moving your trigger finger or thumb.

Full auto burst would be great.

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The issue with that, is that it affects your aim more. Whiskey Foxtrot is all about those crits.

Ehhhhhh. You would still have the option to not use the full auto burst…

I disagree with it making crits more difficult because you simply have more control over the controller when your hands are firmly in place… you’re also using less focus to time that shot, which becomes a natural rhythm… but still effects you slightly.

Also you are not jarring the controller with the constant pressing and unpressing.

Small things but every advantage helps.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a QoL change that gave Whiskey the option to hold the trigger for a less efficient “full auto”

I don’t know the exact stats, but for example:
My pressing the trigger, I can fire the entire Magazine in 5 seconds.
If I want to instead hold the trigger, I can fire the entire Magazine in … 7 seconds, or whatever.

The fire rate of the individual bursts would be the same, but the delay between bursts would be just a little longer.

Bro trust me it’s been brought up a lot. We’re all hoping it gets fixed to just hold down the trigger for burst

There’s no point in making it take longer, at all.

The idea is that when you hold down the trigger it will cycle bursts. Like COD Black Ops burst fire weapons. Or destiny pulse rifles with the perk that allows it.

It’s a simple thing… if you hold the trigger it will cycle bursts as soon as the cool down for a burst ends, if you let your finger off to do it manually the effect is the same.

No one is asking to remove burst as the rifle functioning.

I understand exactly what you’re saying.

But I feel that a lot of people are going argue “skill cap” and “Stop trying to make him Oscar Mike”. My suggestion is an attempt to curb all that.

Also, since you bring up CoD. The “press to fire” weapons typically fire slower when you make them full-auto… whatever the Enfield model was.

They can suck it. It’s negligible.

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I think the best fix for this to make everyone happy is tacking full auto burst onto one of his helixes…Like…The 4 round burst option can also make it full auto…Its not a full fix but it could work.

I disagree. Changing helix should be a last resort.

Turning him into a broken version of Oscar Mike’s shooting, no thank you. You have Oscar Mike if you want to hold it down and there are numerous other games that require a pull per bullet notably other Gearbox games having them like Borderlands and Jakobs and Dahl rifles.


thats the only way it would happen…its his mechanic…they arent going to make it full burst auto unless its in the helix. Changing the entire character is the last resort not the helix.

he wouldnt be broke…Of course there are some people that are good with him but making it full auto wont make him good for the entire player base.

You guys are acting like the difference between holding down the trigger and tapping it FOR THE SAME â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  RESULT makes a world of difference.

Fact: it doesn’t.

It’s helpful, but it is by no means huge.

Broken as in a stuttering full auto as in making his burst fire moot. It’d be no different than some odd Oscar Mike rifle as the end result would be effectively the same as a full auto rifle.

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but…it would still delay and fire in bursts…its just it would be auto triggered the second it can be again. Unless I missunderstand

… the rifle would fire at the exact same rate… same damage and with the same pause between three round bursts.

The only difference at all is that the player would not have to tap the button each time.

You as an enemy would have no clue or idea that the player is holding down the trigger… as opposed to tapping it. When they would have the option for both.

It’s not like the feature would get rid of recoil or change the importance of timing your aim.

How is this difficult to grasp?
There would be no similarities between his rifle and one that is full auto. NONE. The only difference is the game would fire bursts, as it does now, until told otherwise by depressing the trigger.

There are greater differences between jam and jelly.

So asinine.

The rifle would be fired at the same rate, but that’s just a slower full auto rifle than Oscar Mike’s it wouldn’t be int he spirit of a burst rifle, if you don’t want a burst rifle they have an automatic rifle for a reason, let them keep their respective differences. It’d turn Whiskey into a 6.5 shot/second higher damage full auto vs Oscar Mike a 10 shot/second weaker full auto, the only difference between then would be whether the noises from the gun were constant or broken, but they’d be EFFECTIVELY the same thing.