Whiskey Foxtrot will be my favorite character, but not yet

In terms of how his abilities work, he fits my playstyle the best of any character. Once they buff his damage (and I’m sure they will), he’s certainly gonna be MY DUDE. Though I did just kick ass with him in a PvE game when almost everyone else was a higher level. So that’s gnarly.

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Yeah, he’s my favorite character too and I knew before I’d even played him, really suits my play style and is lots of fun to play. It’s almost as if his skill set was tailored exactly to my liking.

I haven’t really formed any opinion yet on whether he’s under powered or anything needs a buff, I’ll wait until at least the end of open beta on PC, hopefully with much better ping than my current playtime in early access beta. I will (again) say that he has a higher skill floor than some of the other characters, he not only rewards good aim but almost requires it to do well, the sticky bombs need to be stuck to the enemy to be useful and his rifle is made for head shots. I can imagine he’d be a lot harder to play well on a controller, leading to some of the UP complaints. I’ll try him with a friends PS3 controller in PC beta but I can’t imagine I’ll do too well or have as much fun.

He’s also a bit of a slow starter and more difficult to play in the early stages of a game, once he has a few Helix options and some gear activated he becomes much more reliable, and reasonably powerful at the end of his build. I’ve solo’ed the three story missions with him on advanced and always had the most trouble at the beginning stages of the map, before I could get much of a build going. This could be much more challenging in PvP against opponents who were powerful from the start as they could out-level you before you really had the means to counter them, particularly a character like Galilea could just out-level WF hard, by the time I was level 5 in one game and ready to deal with her, she was already level 10 and there was no chance. Everybody else in the game was still level 5-6 but all of our damage was reduced to account for that single level 10 and she was completely unstoppable, especially with an Ambra following her around…

I feel that any consideration of buffing WF should be left until after any nerfs are dished out to better assess his power level, being less viable at the early stage of the game just adds to his skill floor and challenge in aiming/playing well at the beginning of a match. Hopefully those nerfs come sooner rather than later, not only so that other characters have a better chance of being viable, but also so that too many people aren’t turned off the game during beta, after being slaughtered continuously by blatantly OP characters.

I’d hate for him to become OP because I know how well some competitive PC FPS players could do with him. Somebody with really good aim, say a high level CS:GO player, is going to be a pain to deal with, but that’s a given for any accurate ranged character and is equally applicable to someone like Marquis.

I kinda feel like buffing his damage (at this point) would be risky…you get someone using this character with good aim? In a game with a long TTK and a character with very accurate 3-4 shot burst rifle with Gear built for damage & crits? Theoretically that could be a very dangerous character.

And lets not forget his passive buffs damage by a whole 25% for 10 seconds…thats pretty dang significant if played right.