Whiskey Foxtrot's inspiration?

Ello there, just popping in about a thought I had in my head that the titular character of Rogue Trooper comic series has a few similarities to Whiskey. Perhaps he was an inspiration somewhere in Whiskey’s development?


As can be clearly seen, they’re both non-humanly-coloured-skinned soldiers that are helmeted in spite of not wearing a shirt and they’re both manufactured. While Gearbox didn’t make Whiskey blue-skinned himself, they might have just given that to Oscar Mike instead (whose head is clearly blue in concept art).

…but that’s about all I can say about this, since I’ve just happened to hear of the comic series some years back and never read an actual entry in it. I tried to look up the personality of Rogue to see if there were similarities there too, but I’ve failed to find anything. Anyone here’s actually read and wanna chip in?

Not everything has to be a reference even in Gearbox games. Purple is a nice ‘mutant’ color for a ‘defective’ clone. He has the typical misshapenness among mutants as well. (Sharp teeth, long finger nails, scars etc all pretty common)

Sure yeah, very well might not be. It’s mostly that Whiskey joined “the Rogues” that made me think “juuuustttttt maybe” of the connection.

I don’t think the background to Rogue Trooper really suggests a link. Yes, he’s also genetically bred, but the similarities end there, I think.