Whiskey Foxtrot's ultimate glitch

Sometimes when I use boxtrot’s ultimate, instead of going full auto it goes semi auto with 4 shots burst, this happens when I pick 4 shot burst helix upradge.

Heyhey! Moved your topic to the WhiskeyFoxtrot-section of the BB-forums.

I’ve had this happen as well. Looks like something in the code needs to be fixed.

i experienced this today as well. i activated overdrive, leveled up while it was active, picked the 4-shot bust upgrade, and my gun when to 4-shot burst instead of remaining as full auto. still had the 75 shot clip active though.

Same experience on PC, four shot burst breaks the ultimate… most of the time. There were a couple of times during the match I was able to get it working properly. I think it was when I fired it immediately after a quick melee or sticky grenade.

I really don’t want to test it again during Versus, because not having his ultimate is a pretty raw deal.