Whiskey needs more taunts

I just love this dude, and I think there’s a side of him that’s kinda underdeveloped. Allow me to explain…

At some point, one of his kill likes in PvE is something about “I’m too old for this s**t”. He’s still on point, tactically. “Still got it!” And I got to thinking about the Army days (not that long since I retired), and specifically, about the archetype of the old, tired senior NCO.

If you’ve been there, you know exactly who I mean. Been in like 18 years. Been there, done that. Not at ALL impressed with the young dudes and their ‘exploits’. Last relic of a military long since left unrecognizable by constant policy changes. Et cetera.

So, my thought was to have ol’ Whiskey Foxtrot pull out one of those quick folding field chairs, seat himself, and grab the coffee mug, and just give that tired, too-old-to-get-worked-up-over-it posture. Maybe some lines:

“Is THAT what they’re teaching in boot now?”

“In my day, this stuff was actually challenging.”

And so on.


I just read this, and yes. Just yes.